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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Energy Concern by Cyrus Saharkhiz
... The cost of repairs is almost nothing, as solar power plants are clean, safe, and stable after the initial construction. Solar energy also leaves no waste, deducting desposal costs and providing a relief for the environment. The only choice left at the moment is to rely on solar energy to fufill our energy needs. In short time, the effort and cost of constructing solar power plants will be compensated with a clean, renewable, and safe energy source.

Making the Most of Your Hair Salon Visit by Adeea Rogers
... I didn’t feel like I was wasting time at all. Wondering what you can do while at the salon? Here are some suggestions:11 activities you can do while at the salon:Write thank you notes or other handwritten correspondenceListen to music, inspirational messages or books on CD, iPod or on an MP3 playerPlan your week, weekend, a trip, an event, etc. Make phone callsWriteRead books and/or magazines (that you bring)Balance checkbookClean purse or walletOrganize receiptsClip and organize ...

10 Easy Steps to an Organized Home Office by Nell Taliercio
... Let’s be honest, we have all wasted time searching for a particular email that contained some vital information we needed fast. Setting up folders for different clients and projects has worked well for me, but again find a system that works for you and stick with it. Sort the email as soon as you read it. It only takes a second or two to drop it in the appropriate folder, but will save you a lot of time if you have to find it later. 9) Now that you have a good filing system (both physical ...

Green Travel – Making Better Environmental Travel Choices by Susanne Pacher
... Clean up your own mess and dispose of waste properly. Keep a distance from wildlife. • Travel by mass transit as much as possible. • Avoid vehicles with two-stroke engines such as jet skis, scooters and certain boats, which are enormously polluting. • Be culturally sensitive to local customs, greetings, dress codes and food habits. • Treat others with the same respect that you would ask for in your own community. Other eco-certification programs for tourism operators and tips for eco-savvy ...

LEDs: The Light of the Future by William Sutherland
... [11]LEDs also produce no ultra-violet output, which can damage fabrics, unlike traditional bulbs; they are light-weight, ecologically friendly, and can produce different colors (without the use of color filters) based on the amount of power provided to each primary color ensuring that electricity is not wasted. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Nano Structures Lab) is presently conducting research that could lead to the creation of an LED “where both color and intensity ...

Technique of Watercolor Painting WC04 TOOLS by John Blenkin
... For this variety of tools it is prudent to keep them properly stored. When it is necessary to work out of doors take everything with you. You never know what you will need to solve some on the spot problem. In this way time and effort will not be wasted and partially completed work not spoiled for want of a little more paint. Bear in mind the above tools are a general list of items which can be added to the basic list of materials mentioned in earlier articles.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – An Easy Household Guide ~ Book Review by Lillian Brummet
... I enjoyed chapter five, which discusses the future of zero waste and cleaner waste (less toxic or greenhouse gas producing), very much. The book closes with an excellent resource section that offers roughly two-dozen organizations along with their contact information and lists about thirty books that are certain to make the environmentalist in you drool with anticipation. Nicky Scott, Chairperson for the National Community Composting Network (CCN) in the UK, is the author of three small ...