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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Article written by Felicity Bryant

Circuit City

This is a Fortune 200 company which has been on business for 50 years and has about $10 billion worth of sales. It boasts of 40,000 associates. This company is based in Richmond, Virginia and is the third largest dealer in electronic goods just after Best Buy and Wal – Mart. The Company has 600 stores all over the country with segregated sections for camcorders, Video, Music and toys, Home and Office etc.

The store also provides its customers a 24-24 pick up guarantee. This also has an envious computer services department that provides services both at home and at the store. It can easily repair and upgrade computers and check all miscellaneous software too. This department is the very reason why the store has been able to delve into the mainstream repairing field without having to look for boutique shops etc.

A new code for Circuit city has started being used for stores called Gen C. These stores are managed on an altogether different pattern compared to the traditional stores and have a relaxes feel about it with less concentration on profit numbers. These stores are managed by associates and a lot of experimentation goes on in them before the experiments are also launched in the wide chain too.

An engineer who had thought of the name circuit city had been paid 50 dollars for using his brains to think of this name. Circuit City has many hugely popular slogans for instance ‘Where service is State of the Art’,’ Price selection and service’, ‘Imagine that’, ‘Just What I needed’, ‘We are with you’, ‘Circuit City Makes it simple’.

There are many brand names that are owned by circuit city like Centrios, ESA, Liquid Video, Verge, NexxtTech, Star Logic, Sector7, etc. Circuit City has also experimented with ebay consignment stores under the name Trading Circuit. Car Marx was owned and managed by Circuit City till 2002 when it was launched as a separate corporation.

Finding hot deals for your shopping at circuit city.com is not at all a difficult task. One can easily check out the discount schemes offered at the site, like you can get up to 15% off on electronic products, or can save 10% on given models of fax machines, voice recorders and calculators.

Even the mp3 players and iPods can be purchased at much lower prices, for the discounts offered at the site is surely going to save what you would have invested otherwise in buying the stuff otherwise.

Not only this, the site offers discounts o shipping as well. It gives you free shopping for any order that is greater than $25, so that now you can purchase all you have looked for without paying anything additional.

For all these and much more visit:

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