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Friday, April 27, 2018
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Teach Your Kids Arithmetic - "The Nifty Five Square Technique" by Joe Pagano
... After I started cataloguing my system of techniques toward the aim of producing a DVD series, I discovered that certain aspects of my teaching were similar to the methods taught in the Vedic system of mathematics. This system is based on the sutras of Sri Bharati Tirthaji Krishna (1884-1960) and such system is a beautifully catalogued compilation for showing how to do mathematics more naturally and efficiently. A sutra is a Hindu piece of writing meant to teach aphoristically, and such ...

Children With Learning Disabilities by Aaron Schwartz
... Among children of school age there is a limited group which can not be taught by a general, common program; this group includes children with various learning disabilities. These disabilities can concern inability to read, problems in math reasoning, difficulties with syntax, some visual and audio difficulties. These children cannot follow properly the regular school program because of their learning disabilities but they can profit by a restricted and adjusted program.

Parents --- Homeschooling Can Take a Lot Less Time Than You Think by Joel Turtel
... . .Ē To be conservative, letís assume that because youíre not an experienced teacher it takes you three hundred hours to teach your child these skills with the help of learn-to-read phonics workbooks and computer software. Three hundred hours, divided by the average six-hour public school day, comes out to fifty school days, which is about ten weeks or three months. Let me emphasize this point ó it could take you, or a tutor you pay, as little as three months to teach your child to read, ...

A Bubble of Confidence - Preparing Your Child for Standardized Testing by Kayla Fay
... Your teacher will teach you everything you need to know." Tell your child that you and her teacher are going to work together to ensure test readiness. Take the burden of responsibility off the child, and listen for the sigh of relief. Practice the format. The first time I did my taxes myself, I was overwhelmed. In the following years, the process seemed easier. The procedure was just as difficult, but I was familiar with the form. Make sure your child has a chance to practice the test in ...

Parents Demand Dumbed-down Tests:An Unintended Bad Consequence of the No Child Left Behind Act by Joel Turtel
... But this Act means that badly-taught students, victims of dumbed-down texts and bad teaching methods like new math and whole-language instruction, now have to pass difficult standardized tests they are not ready for. As a result, millions of students may fail these tests, not because they are dumb, but because the schools never taught them to read properly or solve a math problem without a calculator. Millions of high school students with low reading and math skills now risk not graduating ...

Parents' Complaints --- Arrogant Public Schools Turn a Deaf Ear by Joel Turtel
... A parentís only recourse is to complain to principals or school authorities after these authorities have dictated their curriculum or teaching methods, and the parent sees the damage to their children. Unfortunately, such complaints are often futile. Most parents donít realize that school authorities donít want their opinion. Too often, school authorities ignore parents' suggestions or complaints because they truly believe they are the experts and parents are just annoying amateurs.

The Digital Photography Revolution Is Now Here by Sydney Pix
... of their new digital camera, as many lecturers are setting assignments that must have photos included, its just part and parcel of the new multi media revolution that is taking place at an enormous pace before our very eyes. Knowing how to use the camera is half the battle, the other half is teaching students how to take photos that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Most children learn better by being shown how to do something rather than reading hard to understand photographic books.

Preparing Yourself for Home Schooling by Low Jeremy
... Home schooling has proven itself to be a very good method of teaching children their ABC's. The home provides a very good environment for children to learn. More children feel more adjusted and more comfortable being educated at the home. And with home education, it is more the responsibility of the parents to teach their children. And because of the time spend with each other, this approach has made parents and their kids become closer with each other.

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