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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Child Support Calculators by Kevin Stith
... Aside from net income, there are also different factors considered in determining child support, such as the time spent with the child and the number of children between the parents. Special circumstances are also factored into the formula. These include extraordinary medical expenses, travel expenses for child visitation, special education needs, and uninsured losses. Calculators Calculations for child support are an important part of settlements after a divorce or separation.

Mathematics - We’re Counting on Help from Parents by Barbara Snyder
... Educators are counting on parents to play a significant role in supporting the educational process for children. You can find the acclaimed series “Helping Your Child Learn” at Copyright usage: No permission is needed to reproduce this story. The About The Author statement must remain in tact. We also request notification of where the article is being used so reciprocal links can be considered.

Hands on Science for Kids-Learn by Doing by Lisa Bronart
... Fostering and supporting our children’s interest in the field of science can help to balance their learning and curiosity. Activities that can provide a foundation, further enhance what children are learning day to day and strengthen their confidence. In grades 2, 3 and 4 children are expected to demonstrate an understanding of magnetism, gravity and light. Using one of several science kits avaiaklable, like ScienceWiz's ElectroWiz Magnetism, Newton’s Wizard and WaveWiz Light provides a ...

The Soul Of A Home by Pat Brill
... Do your children do their homework in there while you prepare dinner? Is this where Arts and Crafts time is? Do you and your spouse manage the household here in the evening, sharing a dessert? Once you've taken a look at all the important events that are taking place here, you can better customize this space for your family. If the kids do their homework at the dinner table, have a plastic bin stocked with supplies they might need such as a calculator, pens, pencils, paper, a ruler, ...

A Bubble of Confidence - Preparing Your Child for Standardized Testing by Kayla Fay
... Parents can also ready a child for testing by offering emotional encouragement and academic support. Take responsibility. I visited a classroom of third graders recently, and one of the children shared that she was afraid to take the end of grade test. The teacher was out of the room, so the assistant answered the child. "You don't have to worry one bit. Your teacher will teach you everything you need to know." Tell your child that you and her teacher are going to work together to ensure ...

Family Life Insurance Companies by Steve Valentino
... They will take into consideration the things that your family counts on from you every day like financial support including food, shelter, transportation, education, future plans, children, business, travel and retirement. A family life insurance company will make sure that your family is covered financially in the event you die prematurely. They will also take into account that most families have a double income these days. They will likewise encourage you to take out double coverage in ...

Multiplying Success - Preparing Your Child for a Standardized Test in Math by Kayla Fay
... Ask your child's teacher for old copies of "test prep" books, or buy books designed to prepare your child for testing. Let your child do a little bit of the test each night. 2. Look for any gaps in basic understanding. 3. Standardized tests demand proficiency in word problems; some state tests have no 'straight' math problems at all. Help your child decode the math words in a problem. Get a good math vocabulary list that will help turn a sentence into an equation.

An Organized School Year In 10 Easy Steps by Sherrie Le Masurier
... If you have several children set up a shelf with baskets or cubby holes so each child has his or her separate space to store school related belongings. Include in this time clothes planning for the next day. Ready, set, leave. Set up a spot near the door for things that need to go to school (backpacks, school books, sports equipment, musical instruments etc.) For more creative tips on how to get your kids up and out in the morning visit Make lunches in advance.

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