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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Child Support Calculators by Kevin Stith
... There are Web sites that offer child support calculators you can use to come up with estimates of the amount of child support required based on the information that you enter and on the particular guidelines used in your state. These calculators provide you with a step-by-step procedure for determining the amount and at the same time provide you with monthly reports regarding arrears on payments.

Elementary School Gift Ideas by Kathy Burns-Millyard
... Older children might like more "grown up" books, while younger children will enjoy books with pictures and drawings. Be sure not to buy books that are too simple for the reading level of the child you're buying gifts for though. Games are another gift that's almost always welcomed by children at the elementary school age level. And thanks to the proliferation of interactive electronic games these days, there's a wide variety of interesting and stimulating games that make fun gifts.

Parents Demand Dumbed-down Tests:An Unintended Bad Consequence of the No Child Left Behind Act by Joel Turtel
... The No Child Left Behind Act is now forcing many parents to condone schools that dumb-down their tests and standards, instead of blaming these schools for their children’s failure to learn. This is a typical unintended consequence of more government laws that try to fix problems that a government-controlled school system created in the first place. State lawmakers in New York, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and other states have yielded to parent pressure.

Abacus Mental Math in Asia and the West by Shilpa Rao
... abacus mental math for a bit over a year. Such is the power of abacus mental math education. Today, the same educational materials used in Asian nations are available in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe and South Africa. Today various websites offer not only easy to understand textbooks on abacus math but also math practice worksheets. And this is the kind of practice that engages a child to learn math with a lot of fun. Now you know why Asian children are very good with numbers.

The 3-A-Day Dairy Diet – Another Diet Fad Flop by Alisa Fleming
... Berkey of Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston, followed the diets and weight of 12,829 United States children. The children were diversified across all 50 states, and ranged in age from 9 to 14 years when the study began in 1996. Data was collected from the children through 1999, and the results were a bit of a surprise. Those children consuming more than 3 servings of milk per day were approximately 35% more likely to become overweight than those children who ...

A Teen Pregnancy Can be a Crisis by Valerie Giles
... If a woman has already had children it is likely that her body will be more sensitive to the hormones and she’ll feel the symptoms sooner. A pregnancy web site can reveal first month symptom of pregnancy, earliest possible sign of pregnancy and very early sign of pregnancy with the top ten pregnancy signs being: basal body temperature remaining high, missed period, frequent urination, food aversions, sensitivity to odors, nausea (feeling like you don’t want to eat or keep any food ...

The Science Museum: Not Just A Tourist Hotspot by Andrew Regan
... But the Science Museum doesn't simply provide a place for children to learn and play amongst some of the world's most important scientific developments: it also opens up forums for controversial scientific debate. The Dana Centre, a groundbreaking urban bar and café, was opened in 2003 in an annex to the Museum, and is currently the UK's only dedicated scientific discussion venue for adults. As an integral part of the National Museum of Science and Industry (which includes York's National ...

23 Games to Play in the Car (or Anywhere!) by Brook Noel
... Memory GamesMy father/mother owns a grocery store:One player begins the round by stating, "My father owns a grocery store, and in it he sells (something that begins with the letter A; e.g., ant traps)." The next player states, "My father owns a grocery store, and in it he sells ants traps and (something that begins with the letter B; e.g., bananas). "Play continues with each player having to recite the current list and then add something that begins with the next sequential letter of the ...

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