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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Turbo Boost Your Brain Power by Leon Edward
... 5) Take Abstract Logic Tests There are test books available in bookstores that give extensive tests on abstract logic. These tests present one with sets of 3 pictures; the test taker has to extrapolate from the first three pictures what the fourth logical concluding picture will be. Buy a few of these books and try them out! Abstract logic may not be a direct help in concrete learning, but it actually improves your deductive reasoning capacity. Try any of these activities and see how they ...

In Direct Sales- Your Summer Preparation Checklist by Jane Deuber
... You can arrange with the parents of your child’s friends to do a regular “kid swap” or select from a list of high school students you know in your area. 5. Keep your sanity throughout the summer by attending periodic trainings and workshops. Just recently, DSWA members who attended the Tri-Cities, Washington training hosted by DSWA and Cynthia Kersey reported they returned home with fresh enthusiasm, new business-building ideas and lots of leads for future shows and sales appointments.

A Teen Pregnancy Can be a Crisis by Valerie Giles
... A pregnancy web site can reveal first month symptom of pregnancy, earliest possible sign of pregnancy and very early sign of pregnancy with the top ten pregnancy signs being: basal body temperature remaining high, missed period, frequent urination, food aversions, sensitivity to odors, nausea (feeling like you don’t want to eat or keep any food down) and vomiting, implantation bleeding (easily mistaken for a regular period) or cramping, tender swollen breasts, fatigue (waking up ...

Ten Tips For a Top-Notch Tag Sale by Rosemary Chieppo
... Sort of how they won’t ask for directions. 10. When the sale is over, don’t take unsold items back to your house. Pack up what’s left and donate to charity for a tax break. The most popular period for tag sales nationwide is between June and October. In college towns, the moving months of August and September can be particularly profitable. Dedicated shoppers get up early, so expect the biggest crowds at 8AM. Sundays are generally poor days for sales.

Village Life in Upcountry Zambia by Charlotte Opperman
... Our days were filled with school visits, visits to neighbouring villages, playing with the local children and just living village life. Throughout our stay we were cared for by members of the village tourism project committee who made clear in their gracious way that our well-being and enjoyment of the village was their number one priority. There was hot water ready for us every morning so that we could bathe in the open shower huts; rice prepared when one of the boys wasn’t feeling well; ...

Goal Setting for Weight Loss by Chyna Dolores
... By making small changes and repeating them every day you can make them stick and use them to help achieve your ultimate goal. Beating Your Personal Best: Don’t try to compare yourself with other people, even if you are working with someone to help keep each other motivated. You need to strive to constantly challenge yourself. After your initial three month goal, you can try to improve your previous results. Mix up your workouts, add a second or third weight training session.