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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Sixties: The Decade of Rebellion by Phil Edwards
... Ordinary people did change things, extraordinary things like the attitude of society at large, like the way people viewed war and music and art. Student protests, often led by folk musicians, helped lead to the demise of the Vietnamese War, helped make social consciousness and equality for all a living fact, helped people really achieve the freedom that America and the West have always striven for. It was a remarkable time, and no wonder that many people look back to it as a time of dreams ...

Excess And Deficiency - The Most Powerful Words You Will Ever Use In Creating A Love Filled Life by Christopher Walker
... The chemicals of your body change too. Acidity is excess, and alkalinity is deficiency. And like the aggressive entrepreneur (acid) and the born again spiritual peacy peacy one (alkaline) instead of killing yourself with ill health by grasping one or the other, you can grasp both. This is called perspective. A bigger perspective. A person who can’t get perspective is a part of the problem. A leader who can’t get perspective and see the healthy excess and deficiency in their own company, ...

How to Experience a Lucid Dream by David Slone
... If you do choose to listen to music while you are going to sleep choose soft and soothing music, preferably without vocals. Use the same music each time. Before you go to sleep concentrate on a trigger. My first time I said, "tonight I will fly", aloud several times and I concentrated on it. The second night I had a flying dream but I did not become lucid. On the fourth night I had another flying dream and at that time I became lucid. I was then able to fly to wherever I wanted to!

Best Cell Phones - Cell Phone Shopping 101 by Samantha Goode
... Next Generation Phones – With their sleek design and attractive packaging, the phones in this line offer a lot in the way of cell phone convenience, including features such as comprehensive multimedia functionality, full line of state-of-the-art entertainment options, virtual assistant, Bluetooth portable car set with wireless telephony technology, music and video downloads, rugged packaging for outdoor use and built-in translators (accommodating languages such as English, Portuguese, ...

History of World / Regional Search Engines and Directories by Julie Wartes
... The Excite homepage is also customizable, in that you are able to change the color of the homepage (skins) according to your favorite color or to the colors of your favorite football team. Besides just searching the web on Excite, you can search using “Categories” for images, videos, mp3s, news, and people. The excite UK homepage also has a currency calculator under the “Tools” section. Excite UK displays minimum advertising. When a user clicks on the “More” button different subcategories ...

Increasing Brain Power by Tim Bryce
... This is somewhat disturbing as technology now permeates our society. As an example, while traveling through the airports recently I observed the majority of my fellow travelers "tuned out" by technology. The lion's share of travelers today make active use of iPods, PDA's, cell phones, DVD & CD players, and laptop computers. It seems fewer and fewer travelers read a book or engage in conversation anymore. In other words, most travelers today are operating at a Level 2.