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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Free Cell Phone Plans by Damian Sofsian
... the leading service providers offer free SMS plans. MMS or multimedia imaging services are being offered free by leading service providers, on specific plans. If you are really ‘mobile’, i.e., you are a head honcho of a corporation or a frequent traveler, you need not worry about not being in touch with your base or head quarter. You have free cell phone plans in which you can avail nationwide ‘roaming’ facilities absolutely free. These are only some of the free cell phone plans on offer.

The Great Benefits of Cell Phones by Alan Zunec
... Cell phone plans have been created in order to cater to different people’s needs. Some are for business, some for family members, while others are for personal touch. A great benefit of a cell phone plan is that you know what you are getting with it. Nice features like caller ID, voice mail and text messaging are all good things to consider. Digital communication is here to stay. So why not find the product that you will enjoy for years to come.

Putting it All Together: The search for a Pocket PC Phone by Michael A. Keenan
... The sales rep showed me a map of the cell coverage around my home, he talked to me about the plans that I had seen on the website and when I mentioned to him that I had been looking at a Siemens SX66 Pocket PC phone on Ebay he went into the back of the store and came out with the last SX66 that they had. I signed on to a 2 year deal with Cingular that night with a heck of a good deal on a Pocket PC phone that had all the specifications that I had been looking for.

Best Cell Phones - Cell Phone Shopping 101 by Samantha Goode
... In the interest of cutting through a lot of the red tape when it comes to isolating the different types of cell phones that are available to consumers today, let’s take a look at some of the more popular brands on the current market:Verizon WirelessAmong the many types of cell phones that Verizon offers, there are myriads of features to be considered when shopping for the phone that’s right for you – or your loved ones, if you’re planning to surprise someone with the gift of communication.

Mobile Phones Multitasking Gadgets by Martin Dev
... video streaming and TV programming to cell phones. Time is not too far to see phones playing the role of a TV. Network providers are restructuring their usability component and planning to offer customers a single bill for all services including TV, wireless, broadband. They are on the lookout to simplify cell phone interfaces so that users can easily navigate and feel comfortable using their phones. Gradually mobile phones are gearing up to play the role of a multitasking gadget.

On-line Weight Watchers Diet Helper for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Mobile Phones by Laura Ciocan
... As the popularity of low-carb diets has lost ground throughout 2004 and sales have dropped, the company behind the Atkins Diet is planning to launch a similar product for mobile phones and handheld computers on the market. The product, available at the beginning of 2005, will be so affordable that it will be within the reach of any dieter. The application is a carbohydrate counter to help dieters track the carbohydrate contents of foods, as well as their own daily carb intake.

3 Ways To Do More With Less Time by Yolanda Facio
... First there were fax machines, now email and cell phones. Our number of communications daily from various sources is extreme. How can we get to all of it in a timely fashion and still get 8 hours of sleep? Here are three time reducing strategies that are easy to implement: 1. Schedule. Like it or not in today's world if you want to achieve greater levels of success you must learn to use a schedule. You can use a Palm Pilot, a journal or a Daytimer.

Indian Mobile Infrastructure - To 3G or Not To 3G by Braham Singh
... Additionally, such meshed network could provide indoor voice connectivity over cell phones in broadband-enabled locations with poor cellular reception. An interesting twist comes from the recent furtive WiMax deployment in Japan by Vodafone and elsewhere by other marquee 3G operators, vidicating the position taken in this paper. The cellular operator may have to offer different fixed line/broadband type tariff structures in these locations, raising fears that they would eat into cellular ...

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