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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Barriers to Healthy Diets -- Removing them is not as hard as you think by Michael Smith, MD
... Eat fewer calories, exercise, and make dietary adjustments as needed. No pills, supplements, acupuncture, magnets, or magic minerals are needed. Just a calculator. Removing External Barriers to Healthy Diets Two difficult external barriers are peer pressure and time. Our friends and family influence our lives more than we like to admit. They affect our decisions, choices, moods, behavior, and weight . During medical school, I worked in a weight loss clinic to make some money.

Seven Crucial Steps for Long Term Weight Loss by John Tiniakos
... A calorie counter or calculator is where you enter the type of food product, the amount (in grams or ounces) and it calculates the calorie content for you. You can find them at many websites online for free. One that I found to work fairly well, which also contains a huge selection of foods including items from fast food restaurant chains, is at To increase your rate of weight loss even further you can raise your exercise level. One way to accomplish this is by participating in a program ...

Diet and Exercise Tips by Allison Burr-Miller
... · Spicy chicken cacciatore can be prepared and contain less than 250 calories with a recipe that naturally calls for lean chicken breast and a tomato based sauce as opposed to fatty cream sauces. · If you’re looking for a breakfast suggestion, try banana toast. If you alter the traditional French toast recipe by substituting whole eggs with egg whites and by using skim milk, you have a much healthier meal. *About the Source: The complete ArcaMax Publishing Diet and Exercise guide can be ...

Your Way out of the Obesity Epidemic by Dave Pal
... The excess calories are converted and stored as body fat. Research has gone into various other factors responsible for obesity. Some say sedentary life styles and too much TV watching can influence obese behavior patterns. Other research has also included the bacteria in our intestines as a causative factor as well. What can be done to combat this epidemic? • Research finds indicate that a significant positive effect on obese and diabetic persons is the exercise patterns.

Is A Premium Dog Food Really That Much Better For Your Dog? by Carolyn Schweitzer
... Aside from portion size and calorie content, one way to avoid an overweight dog is to resist giving him table scraps. Most human food isn't good for your dog. How Much to Feed How's your dog's weight? You should be able to feel your dog's backbone and ribs with light finger pressure, but not actually see them. If you have to "dig" to find them, your dog is overweight and if you can actually see her ribs, she's underweight. If you're not sure how much to feed, you'll love the interactive ...

The Diet Bore by Virginia Bola, PsyD
... She carries salt and sugar substitutes in her tote along with her trusty food value books and a calculator to loudly total the calories and carbs she (and you) has consumed. She causes more of us to fall of our diets than Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders combined because she makes the whole concept of losing weight so damned boring that we don't want anything to do with it. As we happily pig out on our spaghetti and meat balls (with garlic toast), we can take comfort in noting that the ...

How to Get Past the Boredom of Exercise by Francine Larson
... I found a calorie burner calculator Put your weight in, the amount of time, and kind of exercise and it will show how many calories you have used. According to this calculator, when I do my hardest yard work for 120 minutes, I use 726 calories! Yeah! Read more good news about this on an article by Jeff Restuccio called, National Gardening Exercise Day, which was June 6th. http://ritecode.com/aerobicgardening/exerday.html. It not only reinforces the fact that gardening can be an aerobic ...

BMI Calculator Results by David McCormick
... You will be getting more calories, more protein, but without imbalancing your intake of other essential nutrients. Normal WeightIf your BMI is between 18 and 25, you are considered normal weight for your height. My work here is done. Really. Actually, not really. Read the section below "BMI is not Enough" to find out why a BMI that is in the normal range may not mean that you have no risk of disease. And let's face it, for beach season you don't want your waistline to be "normal", you ...

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