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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Creativity by Usman Paracha
... It is sure that after thinking this you are feeling good. Can computers do this? They do not have emotions. They do not have imaginations. They are just like our slaves. Computers are actually poor. Though they are best of the creation of human being. But human beings are better than computers because ALLAH has created human being and nobody is better creator than ALLAH. Creativity is only bestowed to humans. And wise peoples do not stop thinking.

Eating Disorders: Maybe It's Time for a Little Political Correctness by Maria Dorfner
... The insensitivity doesn't end there as the same people who would never dream of saying, "You're so fat" to someone who is obese or deemed obese by whatever the latest Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator dictates-- thinks nothing of saying, "You're so skinny" to someone who may be suffering from an eating "disorder". I don't profess to know what eating disorders should be called instead. But maybe an open dialogue is needed with clinicians, educators and patients about this topic and whether ...

Computers Are Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! by Mike Bryant
... In fact, instead of a fancy calculator, you could think of a computer as nothing but a bunch, a very large bunch, of on and off switches. That's all a computer is, a whole lotta off and on switches. Of course these switches can go from off to on and back again many more times in one second that we have years in our lives, but, nonetheless, that's the extent of it. And that is why computers are such dumb machines. Sure, they are great for writing newspaper articles or playing games.

R U Wurreed Cuz Yur Cid Kant Spel? by Jeffrey Hauser
... My thinking is that if someone goes to the trouble of posting a business website, get a proofreader. There’s no excuse for misspellings, sometime right in the main header. I even understand there’s an entire market for buying articles on Ebay that are misspelled. Like Guchi (Gucci), Louis Viton (Vuitton), and Tommy Hillfigger (Hilfiger), and therefore, not receiving many offers at auction. Good grief! So what do we do about it? Well, we can do that person with the misspelled ...

Math Help Has Never Been This Entertaining by Katie Robbins
... the puzzle takes it one step further in that you not only have to follow the rules, but plan ahead. Planning ahead and using logic is an example of higher level thinking. These critical thinking skills will help you in math, science, and business. These are just two of hundreds of math websites to help get you started. Playing a math game is a learning experience. Math games supply the extra help needed for basic skills and extra challenge that will help you to improve your math skills.

On Your Way To Making Money With Agloco In Less Than Five Minutes! by Jason Stilwell
... Sam hits "calculate" and the Member Calculator tells him that he will earn 1214 hours towards earnings each month. Using my method at MoneyInCollege, you could have ten recruits in no time at all. After that, the sky is the limit. How To Refer Other People TELL PEOPLE IN PERSON: Talking to friends about joining Agloco face to face or on the telephone has the highest chance of getting a new referral. You get to hear the friend's questions and answer them on the spot.

5 Great Health Benefits Of Quitting Smoking by Luke Rafferty
... If youíre a smoking thinking of quitting then the chances are youíve been thinking about quitting for a long time but not actually doing the quitting. Most ex-smokers I know took a long time to make the decision to quit. Sure, they wanted to quit for a long time but they couldnít quite bring themselves to put out their last cigarette. You might find yourself in this situation right now. There are many benefits to putting out your last cigarette. Iíll mention some of the health benefits in a ...

Clear Thinking and Decision Making Tips That Can Reduce Stress by Leon Edward
... When you think that you can make an informed take a moment to analyze the information and try to find anything that can be misconstrued or can backfire on you in the future. Another problem that is common among decision makers is that they have an either-or-attitude. With this type of attitude, your options a limited. Usually, there is a vast array of answers to be found. Another common problem is that we tend to make many decisions with an either-or attitude.

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