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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Oh Boy! A New (to me) Toy! by Mike Bryant
... That’s easy to answer… I remember with misty-eyed nostalgia the long hours of my youth spent in front of a TV screen (this was when you plugged your computer into a TV, no monitor needed), typing away on some computer program. Many weekends I would not go to bed until the wee (very wee) hours of the morning happily hacking away. I had a TI-99/4a computer in my youth and was hopelessly addicted to it. A friend had a Commodore 64 computer that we would hack on, and another friend had a Vic-20.

History of End User Programming by Peter Hale
... Alice [4], Programming by Example [2][21], programming with automated assistance [20], and Natural Language Programming [27]. Squeak and Croquet[6] have developed from the early work in Smalltalk. Tim Berners-Lee [23] developed HyperText Markup Language (HTML), and has been involved with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) [29] in developing standards base languages for the Web. This has encouraged the growth of the 'Semantic Web' [11] which allows both humans and computers to search and ...

Poker Calculator Report - Magic Holdem Software Review by Marty Smith
... With sharp looking displays, and quick programming on a variety of your favorite poker sites, this poker calculator will do the mathematical functions you would expect a mathematical poker calculator to do. Therein however, lies the good and the not so good about introducing a new poker calculator. Let’s assume this is not a knock-off of borrowed programming from holdem genius. Since they do operate in a similar way, it could be a totally feasible market strategy to try and capture more ...

The New Economy by Cynthia Kyriazis
... They are actually small, lightweight handheld computers that can also act as a clock, a calculator, an expense log with a variety of peripheral programs available to support them. PDAs consolidate information by putting it all in one place that is both compact and portable. With the push of a button, you can synchronize information in the PDA with your computer. Take advantage of programming. If you have features on your electronic equipment that enable you to set up speed dial or automatic ...

Five Neat, Free Software Programs by Douglas Hanna
... This should almost be treated as five free programs as it includes a word processing program, a spreadsheet program, a presentation program, a database program and even a draw program. You can check out and download this free suite of programs at #2: Looking for an easier way to manage recipes, create shopping lists and plan parties? MyLife Recipes & Home Organizer can help you do all this and more. This smart, versatile program even lets you create an inventory of clothes, linen and ...

Visual C# Express - Separate Data From Display. (3rd In A Series) by Samuel Mela
... In my last article, "Visual C# Express: Projects and Solutions", I used the example of an interest calculator program to demonstrate how a C# Windows program can be constructed by putting multiple projects into a solution. The solution, called called "InterestCalculatorSolution", contains a Windows Application Project called "InterestCalculator", and a Class Library Project called "FinancialLib". This solution is a simple example of how data is separated from presentation in modern visual ...

Commonwealth of Virginia Low Cost Health Insurance by Jessica Farrell
... To qualify for any of the FAMIS programs the applicant must be a US citizen under 19 (for the Children's program), live in Virginia and not covered by another plan. You must not have had insurance for 4 months and are not eligible for Medicaid. There are also income requirements. For example, the gross income for a family of 4 must not exceed $40,000 annually. The FAMIS website ) has a family income calculator in which potential insureds may check their income to see if they qualify.

What Does A Free Weight Loss Program Have To Offer by Douglas Taylor
... loss program on the net will offer to provide you with details relating to the types of foods that you can eat as well as providing you with healthy recipes. They will often have a database that has been set up providing you with lots of different low fat recipes that you may well want to try. 4. Any good free weight loss program will have a professional at hand who will be able to answer any questions that you may have through their discussion groups that were previously mentioned above.

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