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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Prognosis of Failure in School Math by Victor Guskov
... The pupils who have not crossed this threshold are doomed to poor progress. The prediction of their failure in math will be right in about 95 cases of 100. It must be noted in conclusion that the level of elementary mental computational skills of actively working pupils only do not decreases in due course. If a pupil uses a calculator instead of mental computations, works passively at lessons and does not carry out home works himself/herself, then the level decreases gradually.

DIGITAL Casinos by Rohn Engh
... Because for a qualified stock photographer, it’s a big gamble to put talent and labor into an endeavor where the law of probability is not on your side. “The on-line proliferation of images is making the Internet a big gambling casino.” Digital cameras and upscale scanners are driving the number of available images upwards. Anyone with a quality digital camera and sensitive eye for imagery and a desire to figure out the technicalities of uploading images to an on-line website(s), can ...

Securing Risk-free Arbitrages on Betting Exchanges by George Morrsion
... For example, you get up at 6am and hear on the news that there is a high probability of rain later that day. You notice on the exchange that the odds-on favorite in the 3:30 at Ascot is trading at 1.6. After some checking, you see that this favorite has only ever won on firm ground. If it does happen to rain, the ground will soften, and the likelihood of this horse winning decreases. So in this case you lay the horse early, and closer to the start of the race the odds should drift out, ...

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