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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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What's an Effective Forex Tool to Help You With Your Trading by Dee Cohen
... Risk Probability Calculator (RPC) This will help them to identify trades that have more potential for gain rather than loss. It will also help them to target the exit points for when they should end the trade. 2. Pip Value Calculators These are able to tell the Forex trader what the actual profit or loss will occur from movements in the Forex markets. 3. Pivot Points This type of tool helps to predict the upward and downward movement of currency prices.

Finding a Mall Parking Spot Using Mathematics - Part I by Joe Pagano
... People are always amazed when I explain to them how I can tell time at the beach using the sun, or use probability to make general predictions, or to do seemingly amazing human calculator multiplications in my head. Yet all these feats are quite achievable even for the ordinary person. Having said this, I can move toward the interesting sounding title of this article and explain how basic mathematics can be used for even such an odd sounding thing as finding a parking spot in a busy mall.

Mathematics - We’re Counting on Help from Parents by Barbara Snyder
... Students in advanced math classes will use calculators on a more frequent basis to save time in some of the computations. Sure they could do the computations by hand, but they can get to the heart of matter more quickly with a shortcut. The bottom line is that teachers don’t want students to take that shortcut until they have an understanding of how to do the mathematical operation (the long way) without the calculator. 5) Consider the two subjects in which student most often have homework ...

Forex Tools & Their Use In Successful Trading by Adrian Pablo
... Risk Probability Calculator (RPC) can be used to identify trades that have more potential gain than potential loss. The RPC can also help you target exit points to end the trade. Pip value calculators can tell you the actual profit or loss that will result from movements in the Forex markets. Provided you have downloaded your broker?s trading station software, and once you have decided which currency pair to trade, you can log in to the trading station and then enter the desired currency ...

Grab Your Toolkit by Steve Welker
... You can use the Risk Probability Calculator to find trades that are more likely to increase than decrease. This same tool can be beneficial in determining your entrance and exit points. You can use Pivot Points to determine which way direction a currency price will move. They can also help you determine if the price is in the normal trading range or not. Calculating an average of the currency's high, low and closing price determine Pivot Points. PIP value calculators help you determine the ...

Hold'em Pirate Poker Calculator and the Use of the VPIP Meter by Marty Smith
... The nifty, quick glance, VPIP meter that is part of the Hold’em Pirate Poker Calculator software gives you a snapshot image that is designed to increase your probability of making money. This is simply my favorite empirical poker calculator (EPC) because the VPIP meter acts as an analyst of all the pertinent data, and thus, improves your decision making skills. With little doubt, you will now know if you are at the right table, in the right hand, and up against the right player.

Life Insurance – Smokers and Overweights Pay Over 50% More! by Michael Challiner
... If you're anxious to know whether that includes you, you'll need a calculator! BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in kilos by your height in meters and the result squared. So if you're intending to apply for life insurance is may be as well to loose a few pounds first – oops kilos - and they're much harder to lose than pounds! It's not quite so straightforward for smokers. To qualify as a non-smoker, most insurance companies insist that you must not have “smoked or otherwise consumed ...

Building Wealth – The Steady & Low Risk Way to Do It by Sacha Tarkovsky
... Land investing tends to be common sense All that is required to invest in land is to pick locations where there is a high probability of development so it can be sold at a profit to developers. The real key to land investing and aiming for potential 50 – 100% per annum gains is of course to pick the right location and this is a lot simpler than many people think. A good solid location for many years has been Costa Rica, where savvy investors have been making great annual gains with low ...

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