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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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LED Light Run Off Water From Human Sweat by Lance Winslow
... The water your body needs to replenish itself from strenuous exercise and at the same time collect your sweat running down your body and powering up a devices such as a running light? A light, which runs off of in essence your own bodies energy? Such a device could revolutionize the jogging light market sector and be a life-saver for military troops, survival gear or exploration teams? Think on it.

What is Solar Power? by Anne Clarke
... It can be used for low-power purposes as well such as for items like battery chargers, hand-held calculators, and solar powered garden lights. What is solar power? Is it renewable? Because the sun will keep on shining, there will be no need to renew your primary source of solar power. So, form this standpoint, in adequate conditions, it is definitely a great idea to continue to use solar power. Disadvantages: Solar power often does not work at night.

Home Solar Panels by Ross Bainbridge
... The following are all available as solar-powered items: solar-powered radios; three-, six-, nine-, and twelve-volt selectable solar panels with two-AA chargers; rechargeable halogen lanterns; rechargeable flashlights with universal battery adapters/chargers; light pens; portable solar folding panels; portable power sources; electric fencers; plant turners; cool caps; bicycle lights; fluorescent lights; panels for computer notebooks; go-anywhere portable multi-power sources; energy kits; ...

A Closer Look At The Alternative Energy Sources Of Solar And Wind Power by Gregg Hall
... These cells have been widely used to power calculators for decades. In solar desalination, the power of the sun is used to evaporate water to separate it from the salt and other undesirable minerals. Another type of clean, renewable power comes from the wind. Wind power, while growing in popularity, still accounts for barely 1% of the world's power supply. This is hard to believe considering how much the wind blows! Wind power is usually harnessed using wind turbines.

Energy Concern by Cyrus Saharkhiz
... Solar energy is also more reliable in remote areas and, according to , can power useful applications such as calculators, laptops, and vehicles. Solar energy is also very safe. Nuclear power plants, however, contain dangerous amounts of radiation and atomic waste, and there is always the risk of catastrophes such as meltdowns. Although solar energy is rather expensive, it will become more of a practical source over time, as solar power has become more effective in converting energy, ...

Power and Your PC by Jason Kohrs
... For those interested in getting a good idea of their minimum power requirements, this Power Wattage Calculator is a convenient reference. In addition to checking out the total wattage of a power supply, looking for strong amperage ratings on the 3.3V, 5V, and 12V lines is also recommended, as power supplies with identical total power ratings may distribute the power to the various lines in different quantities. Power supplies come in a few different physical sizes, but the most common are ...

Teach Your Kids Arithmetic - Fractions, Those Devils! by Joe Pagano
... No prime decompositions, no taking out distinct primes, no worry about highest powers. Finally, to add the two fractions, we need to multiply the numerators by an appropriate factor to get the adjusted fraction. For example, since 36/18 = 2, we need to multiply the 5 of 5/18 by 2 to get 5/18 = 10/36; similarly, since 36/12 = 3, we multiply 5 by 3 to get 15; thus 5/12 = 15/36. Finally, 5/18 + 5/12 = 10/36 + 15/36 = 25/36. Try this method out for size, and Iím sure you wonít be taking any ...

Portable Solar Energy Power Stations by Anna Hart
... Pocket calculators have been using portable solar power for years. Expose the calculator to sunlight, and it stores solar power for use. You can then carry this solar power into a field or up a mountain track. 2. Garden lights, or lights around a swimming pool now use portable solar power. If you want to rearrange your lights, or you decide to carry one as a flashlight, the portable solar power goes with you. 3. A multipurpose portable solar power unit is the fold-out solar panel that can ...

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