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Friday, February 23, 2018
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What is Solar Power? by Anne Clarke
... It can be used for low-power purposes as well such as for items like battery chargers, hand-held calculators, and solar powered garden lights. What is solar power? Is it renewable? Because the sun will keep on shining, there will be no need to renew your primary source of solar power. So, form this standpoint, in adequate conditions, it is definitely a great idea to continue to use solar power. Disadvantages: Solar power often does not work at night.

Home Solar Panels by Ross Bainbridge
... The following are all available as solar-powered items: solar-powered radios; three-, six-, nine-, and twelve-volt selectable solar panels with two-AA chargers; rechargeable halogen lanterns; rechargeable flashlights with universal battery adapters/chargers; light pens; portable solar folding panels; portable power sources; electric fencers; plant turners; cool caps; bicycle lights; fluorescent lights; panels for computer notebooks; go-anywhere portable multi-power sources; energy kits; ...

Energy Concern by Cyrus Saharkhiz
... Solar energy is also more reliable in remote areas and, according to , can power useful applications such as calculators, laptops, and vehicles. Solar energy is also very safe. Nuclear power plants, however, contain dangerous amounts of radiation and atomic waste, and there is always the risk of catastrophes such as meltdowns. Although solar energy is rather expensive, it will become more of a practical source over time, as solar power has become more effective in converting energy, ...

A Closer Look At The Alternative Energy Sources Of Solar And Wind Power by Gregg Hall
... Solar power sources have been designed to compensate for the downtime of night or cloudy days, but solar power works best in sunny climates. Solar power is generally used in one of three ways: to generate heat, to generate electricity, and to desalinate salt water. Solar powered heating systems are usually either active or passive in design. An active solar heating system uses pumps to circulate water which has been heated by the sun. Passive solar heating systems use the nature of water to ...

Solar Power How It Works by Anita Van Wyk
... 1.) Solar energy works by converting the sun's rays into electricity with the use of solar panels to supply power to the appliances use in our homes. 2.) Solar energy works by converting the sun's rays into heat with the use of solar thermal collectors for warming water, i.e. for the swimming pool. 3.) Solar energy works by converting the sun's rays into hot air for heating buildings with the use of solar thermal collectors. How do solar panels work?

Portable Solar Energy Power Stations by Anna Hart
... Expose the calculator to sunlight, and it stores solar power for use. You can then carry this solar power into a field or up a mountain track. 2. Garden lights, or lights around a swimming pool now use portable solar power. If you want to rearrange your lights, or you decide to carry one as a flashlight, the portable solar power goes with you. 3. A multipurpose portable solar power unit is the fold-out solar panel that can be carried in a case the size of your day planner.

Here Comes The Sun: Solar Energy is Becoming More Attractive for Mainstream Consumers by Kavar Peter
... While California is the clear leader in promoting solar powered energy solutions (a program introduced in 2003 is promoting the introduction of solar powered energy systems into a million homes over the next several years) New Jersey and New York are next in line for solar investment. At the municipal level, many jurisdictions have introduced solar solutions for traffic and streetlights. 50% of the energy used to run the City of Sacremento’s water purification plant is solar.

Solar Energy - How Can We Use It? by Howard Puddy
... Energy)Photovoltaic Energy is a technology that uses crystalline silicon solar cells to convert sunlight, aka solar energy, into electricity. The uses for this can range from very large plants generating mains electricity down to small cells that power your calculator. Passive solar energyPassive solar energy is where the sun warms up an object and that object then gives out heat once the sun has gone. Passive solar energy is something that we all appreciate and benefit from in our houses.

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