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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Spare Change and Calories - They All Add Up! by Sherry Frewerd
... After needing to use a calculator to add it all up that night, the reality was heavier than all of the piggy bank change in the world. I really needed to make some healthier choices in what I was consuming each day. Food journaling has opened my eyes not only to how my choices were preventing weight loss, but how easy it is to just pop quick snacks into my mouth rather than planning my meals for the day. I’ve also taken up another foreign concept…the art of exercise.

Portable Solar Energy Power Stations by Anna Hart
... Pocket calculators have been using portable solar power for years. Expose the calculator to sunlight, and it stores solar power for use. You can then carry this solar power into a field or up a mountain track. 2. Garden lights, or lights around a swimming pool now use portable solar power. If you want to rearrange your lights, or you decide to carry one as a flashlight, the portable solar power goes with you. 3. A multipurpose portable solar power unit is the fold-out solar panel that can ...

Why You Must Read The PDA Review Before Buying A PDA by Gregg Hall
... Many have calculators and built in audio devices. Some even have cameras, so owning one can replace multiple devices that you would normally carry with you. They also make great gifts, since everyone can use help in keeping track of all the things that they have to do. What is a PDA review? As with all electronic gadgets, the competition between the manufacturers is fierce so there are many different brands and types to choose from. You could go into an electronics store to compare them but ...

Samsung D840 Silver - Complementing Your Style by Adam Jaylin
... Apart from these, the Samsung D840 also sports other features as Bluetooth, voice recorder, polyphonic ring tones, a calendar and calculator, a scheduler, currency converter and Java games. The handset also boasts of a range of add-on features like TV-output that enables you to view your pictures and videos on the big wide television screen. There is also the offline mode option that allows you to listen to music during a flight or in a hospital where switching off mobiles is a necessity.

The Lazy Way to Increase Your Sales Immediately… Without Spending a Single Penny! by Baz Lynch
... three sales from a small percentage of your affiliates, you've just made an extra $9000, bringing your total to $14000 for that month. You're laughing, and poor Mr. X. He was one of the many marketers out there that didn't take this type of affiliate marketing seriously, or didn't see any real profit in it. Meanwhile, you've just pocketed in 4 weeks what it takes a lot of people in regular jobs four or five months, often longer, to earn. Are you starting to see the power of affiliates?

Handheld Computers Guide - What to Know When Purchasing Your New PDA by Donny Duncan
... With the cost of a handheld computer being slashed at every turn, they're no longer only for the deep pocketed or the mobile business man or woman, just about anyone can afford a handheld computer in some shape or form. There are some things to watch for when purchasing a handheld though, just like any other computer. Things to look for when purchasing a handheld computerProcessor Speed - Just like any computer, it's important to know how fast your handheld computer is.

DIGITAL Casinos by Rohn Engh
... Now if there were 350 on-line stock photography websites (which there are at the time of this writing), contributing 36,000 images per year to DigitalCasinos, plus all those personal sites, we would have a total picture count of … well, my pocket calculator can’t calculate that high. Can the storage world of present-day servers handle these kinds of numbers of images? If they can’t today, we know that some way, somehow, they will figure out a way tomorrow to meet the expanding nature of ...

Craft Show Organizing 101 by Lauren Sorgaard
... I also recommend buying an inexpensive canvas apron and sewing or fashioning some pockets that can be Velcro’d shut to put your money in. That way you are more free to move around and not tied to a table. Make sure you bring PLENTY of change. It is a good idea to price your items to include tax and round up to the nearest dollar – that way you don’t have to worry about coins. Another great thing to have is a guestbook. You can make your own or use one similar to those you see at wedding ...

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