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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Using a Scientific Calculator In Mathematics Exams by N Pinhey
... With exams approaching this is a short article with reminders and advice for anyone about to take a mathematics exam and who will need to use a scientific calculator.The most common calculator problems are: - setting up the calculator in the right mode - not being able to find the calculator manual! - remembering to change calculator modes - rounding and inaccurate answersWhy Use a Scientific Calculator? Scientific calculators all use the same order for carrying out mathematical operations.

Setting Up The Office by Ella McGhee
... New Office or Home Office Calculator Correction Fluid Desk Calendar Dictionary/Thesaurus/Software Manuals In/Out Bins Copy Paper Paper Clips, Binder Clips, Paper Clip Holder Pens Pencils, Pencil Cup/Tray, Pencil Sharpener Scissors Stapler, staple remover Tape DispenserNew Office Only If you don’t find all of the above at your desk, when time permits, find out how to obtain them or who can supply you with them. Also inquire about location of supply closet, heavy duty staplers, paper ...

Why Sexual Technicians Get Only A One Time Hit, No Repeat Requests by Christine Akiteng
... Sex for this people is strict series of technical calculations in a mathematical equation and they are scheming human calculators. They start making love and you can almost hear the clock ticking in their heads: “Okay, we’ve kissed for three minutes, now I can advance to touching the breast…good, four minutes on the breast, now I can start stroking her thighs, just for a minute or two… wait a minute, it’s three minutes already, I must turn her on her back and get down to business!

The Hazard of Using Calculators at School by Victor Guskov
... Calculator proponents claim that calculators simplify tasks and allow students to spend less time on monotonous calculations and more time on understanding problems and determining the best methods for solving them; calculators allow students who would normally be turned off to math because of dissatisfaction or boredom to increase their mathematical understanding. Furthermore, every teacher of mathematics knows that there are graduating pupils in primary school who had not mastered the ...

Who Doesn't Have a Cell Phone? by Fashun Smith
... You can also reset this counter at the beginning of each month so that you can keep track month by month, instead of having to unsheathe your calculator. Some phones come with a voice activated speed dial. This feature allows you to say someone's name into your phone and then record the number—after that, whenever you want to call that person, simply speak their name (into the phone of course—this isn't magic), and the phone will dial. In addition to address books which can fit a large ...

The Digital Photography Revolution Is Now Here by Sydney Pix
... Digital cameras are easy to buy but they come with a manual about an inch thick and like most children, they put the manual aside and fumble through hoping for the best. They can take pictures with their mobile phones these days, so how hard could it be to use a digital camera? Unfortunately that’s the attitude and most miss out on how to change a few settings in their camera to get really great shots no matter what the lighting. Teachers are often at a loss to know how to take a class and ...

The Corner Office, the Cubicle, and Starbucks by George F Franks III
... - Everything else, whether it’s a desk set, bound organizer, clocks, manuals, journals, photos, certificates, Post Its, paper clips, boom box, manila folders (I admit – I have a thing for manila folders; always have) or calculators should be considered ranging from nice to have to useless clutter. - I have worked with some people who carry almost nothing and those who carry more than enough for an Arctic expedition. I have known executives who have only one piece of paper on their desk at a ...

Oh Boy! A New (to me) Toy! by Mike Bryant
... Many calculators today have more processing power than this. So it serves no useful purpose—I can’t use it for my software business; I can’t even use it to check email. So, why did I spend my $5 on it? That’s easy to answer… I remember with misty-eyed nostalgia the long hours of my youth spent in front of a TV screen (this was when you plugged your computer into a TV, no monitor needed), typing away on some computer program. Many weekends I would not go to bed until the wee (very wee) hours ...

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