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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Pa-Kua Feng Shui Basics by Steven M. Ng
... You would focus on this direction if you are interested in health and physical matters. Nien Yin (Relationships) - This direction is your relationships direction. You would focus on this direction if you have troubled relationships and would like to improve your love life and/or your marriage. Fu Wei (Stability) - This direction is your stability and knowledge direction. You would focus on this direction if you want to achieve tranquility and knowledge.

Using Random Student Cards in Class by Frank Holes Jr.
... Other useful information could include text book or calculator numbers, birth dates, and even students' interests or hobbies. How often do I use the cards? Several times each hour! We use the cards in warm ups so everyone has a random chance of being picked. The cards are used for choosing random teams or groups. They are great for class discussions, since students cannot just be quiet and disappear; every discussion question can be answered by several students in succession, who must ...

Secrets from the Classroom: Avoiding Summer Learning Loss by Rob Stringer
... Consider a family field trip to a park or museum. He/she doesn't have a hobby? Pick a topic that interests both of you and learn something together. Combating Summer Learning Loss doesn't have to be complicated or boring—all it takes is a focused effort to find the educational opportunities in what you are already doing. Not only will they be keeping their brains active, they will likely be having so much fun, they won’t even know that they are learning!

Paycheck Calculators by Kevin Stith
... If an employee is interested in calculating the deductions, including taxes, while converting stock options, a calculator can perform this function. If the employee works for the government, paycheck calculators do exist that can calculate earning based on the information that the individual works for the public sector. For instance, such individuals do not need to pay federal taxes in many cases. For salaried individuals who also receive tips, certain paycheck calculators help confirm the ...

Adult Continuing Education is Healthy for You by Ian McAllister
... There are ways to become a lightning calculator and ways to develop a super memory, and you can afford them all. If you want to learn a language you can probably even afford to get a "superlearning" course that teaches you the language in only fifteen hours. Why Adult Continuing Education All right, you have advantages, but why should you bother with adult continuing education? * Prevents brain deterioration * Retraining for a new job * Self employment I've already covered the ...

Are You an Information Front-Seater or a Back-Seater? by Gary Simpson
... They also come prepared with notebooks, calculators, journals and pens. I also observe that during intermission (there usually is one), these people make a bee-line for the presenter and completely monopolize his or her time. They ask questions. When they do this what do you think the crowd down the back do? Well, some have had enough and go home, others slip into a nearby bar for a drink and many race outside to get a quick-fix of nicotine. After the seminar is over, those in the front ...

4 8 15 16 23 42 Create Your Own Pattern by Lance Winslow
... You do not need a calculator to do it if you put them into a pattern, you can even find the pattern using a linear sheet of paper. I do not believe to have "FOUND" the pattern, but rather I simply created one. I think too often people misjudge and do not think out of the box. After considering the possible mathematics of it, I just decided to flip it over and create my own pattern. Perhaps you can do the same.

What is Pellets Apart from Fuel for Pellet Stoves? by Kari Eriksson
... It has many advantages that makes it really interesting both from the perspective of heating your home a reasonable price, in other words of interest for you as a consumer and potential pellet stove owner. It also has environmental advantages making it of interest for you as a world citizen caring for the health of our planet. Pellet are about the size of bran breakfast cereal and are a common domestic heating fuel in North America used in different stoves.

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