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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Sales 201: Learning Tools of Your Trade by Daniel Sitter
... These devices are no longer simple name and address managers, but rather your mobile office and window to the world! • Flash Drive:A flash drive is a small electronic device housing a memory chip for the purpose of storing data in a manner similar to that of a hard drive on your computer. The price of high capacity flash drives for your key chain has fallen to levels affordable by almost anyone. My 1 GB flash drive was just $59 at Sam's wholesale club!

Green Travel – Making Better Environmental Travel Choices by Susanne Pacher
... I also checked their carbon emissions driving calculator. If I travel 400 km (250 miles) every week in a car with an engine size between 1.4 and 2 litres, I would generate 4 tonnes of CO2 a year, which would take 5 trees to offset. In addition to planting trees, you can also purchase “carbon offsets”. A "carbon offset" is actually an investment in a project or action with the goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Offset projects come in many varieties and may include tree planting ...

History of the Computer - Computers and Technology by Michael Cooper
... While Thomas of Colmar was developing the desktop calculator, a series of very interesting developments in computers was started in Cambridge, England, by Charles Babbage (of which the computer store "Babbages" is named), a mathematics professor. In 1812, Babbage realized that many long calculations, especially those needed to make mathematical tables, were really a series of predictable actions that were constantly repeated. From this he suspected that it should be possible to do these ...

Top 10 GSM Phones that "Really" Matter by Saquib Hussain
... The phone features a nice color screen, monophonic ring-tones, SMS, calendar, voice memo, calculator support, and a simple yet nice looking design. It’s a quality phone and it doesn’t look low-priced. People really can’t ask for more at this price range. #05: Sony Ericsson K700: This phone is the best bargain for its price. The phone has the finest VGA camera, and a very top class display. It also features flash, 42MB of internal memory, MP3 support, GPRS, Bluetooth, IrDA, ...

The Only Review You'll Ever Need of Blade: The Series (Part 1 of 5) by Larry D. Yablow
... The Marvel people probably found this pitch interesting, but wanted to hear some of the other quality ideas. What most of you do not realize is that the Spike creative staff has just basically described the plot to Spiderman 3. Marvel didn't really have the option to green light this project. Slightly unnerved by having their best idea passed over, the Spike staff continues with their next pitch. Consider the possibility of a "Spiked" version of another favorite target of the bargain ...

Lead Generation Sins - 7 Of Them! by Daniel A. Levis
... More than ever, your prospect is interested in your experience & expertise, as well as your product. What better way to demonstrate it, than with a well-written whitepaper? It’s dead easy to write a whitepaper that automatically qualifies prospects, and graduates them effortlessly to the next milestone in your sales process. If you need a little help getting started, try this. What your prospects are really looking for are results, not products. It’s the “How To” that they crave.

Math Help Has Never Been This Entertaining by Katie Robbins
... That sounds simple enough, but how does it improve my math skills? There are conditions that are imposed on you each time you change a white piece to a black piece. These conditions affect the color of the surrounding pieces. This is similar to the conditions or rules in math. For example, when working with positive and negative numbers you have to follow specific rules when you add, subtract, multiply, and divide them. However, the puzzle takes it one step further in that you not only have ...

8 Keys To Healthy Weight Loss And Burning Body Fat by Ellen Agius
... It is simple to switch to a low GI diet as there are no difficult calculations to make or paying constant attention to low fat or counting calories. You simply need to substitute your high GI food with low GI foods. If as a nation, we pay closer attention to our diet and choose our foods based on low glycemic eating we would see a sharp decline in the incidence of diabetes and obestity. KEY THREE. EXERCISE Physical activity is a requirement of any plan to achieve and maintain good health.

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