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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Organized for Success: Five Keys For Making Home-Work Work by Anita Paul
... “If you prefer to go the electronic route as well, be sure your computer filing system reflects the one in your file cabinet.” And finally, at the end of each day, create a “To Do” list for the next day. This way you’ll know exactly what needs to get done so you don’t waste time trying to remember that one thing that absolutely, positively has to get done tomorrow. Take it a step further and rank items, placing the most important items first and least important items last.

Epson Yesterday and Today by John Sollars
... It was one of the first printers for electronic calculators to hit the commercial market. It was the beginning of Epson’s journey in the printing and imaging business. The TX-80, Epson’s first dot matrix printer hit the market in 1978, then in 1984 came the SQ 2000 it’s first inkjet printer. The TM 930 Epson’s pc-pos package printer launched in 1990 created a new market in the printing business. Epson gave a number of first printers to the world among which is Epson stylus 800- an inkjet ...

Resistor Color Code Secrets by Jestine Yong
... In electronic repair, most of the time i came across five band resistor color code. The purpose of using the five color band resistor in a circuit is that it provides a more accurate value compare to the four color band. For example in order to get the value of 22.6kohm, with four colors band resistor you will not be able to find it. The most you can get is 22k (red, red, orange and gold). If with the five color band you will be able to calculate it (red, red, blue, red, brown) the last ...

The New Economy by Cynthia Kyriazis
... If you have features on your electronic equipment that enable you to set up speed dial or automatic timers, take the time to read how to use them. Time spent doing this once will eliminate repetition of doing things we know are both routine and inevitable. Multi-capabilities within a single software program. Hire a computer consultant or put time aside to explore all the time saving capabilities available through within one of your software programs.

Christmas Gift Giving: What You Should Know About Last Minute Gifts by Janice Wee
... These are electronic gift certificates that you can send by email. No shipping costs or shipping time required. Not as impressive as sending a nice package, but still better than nothing. Another reason why you should do your gift buying preparations in advance is that you can take advantage of free gift cards to buy your gifts. All that takes time. There are a few such gift cards and free gifts available at . Basically, you answer some questions in surveys and get a gift certificate or ...

Lose a Laptop or PDA? You Get Your Stuff Back with Property ID Asset Tags by Mike Valentine
... The launch of companies like StuffBak, TrackitBack, Boomerangit show that valuable electronic, digital items are being lost far more often by consumers and they are seeking ways to get their goodies back when they misplace them. Asset tags for the masses may become popular enough to support consumer oriented companies to label consumer items. StuffBak has partnered with retailers like CompUSA and Sears, while BoomerangIt works product tie-ins with Pioneer, Toshiba, Palm and Seiko ...

What is Mental Math and Why Should We Study by Shilpa Rao
... other and I can guarantee you, more then ninety five percent of the time it will be the most adverse and boring technique of rote memorization. So what is the alternative? Alternative is what asian students have been learning for decades now. There are two different systems in Asia that can help you conquer and master math. You and/or your child can calculate 1478 + 3456 + 98 – 29 in less then 5 seconds and that too without any help external modern day electronic gadgets such as calculator.

Computer Training, or "Would You Like Fries With That?" by Albert Medinas
... anyway, so cheating the system or attending online computer training schools with poor requirements will only hurt you in the long run. Like it or not, the computer is not going anywhere. For better or worse, we must live in this new electronic universe, and computer training is vital to your success. In order to stay a step ahead of the competition while leading a hectic lifestyle, consider online computer training schools as an option for getting the skills you need in this global market.

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