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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Elementary School Gift Ideas by Kathy Burns-Millyard
... Games are another gift that's almost always welcomed by children at the elementary school age level. And thanks to the proliferation of interactive electronic games these days, there's a wide variety of interesting and stimulating games that make fun gifts. Electronic Organizer. These are especially useful for - and appreciated by - older elementary school kids. Electronic organizers, or personal digital assistants, are excellent an excellent gift idea.

Technicians Tool Kits - These Aren't Your Father's Tools by Mark Boehm
... Once you have graduated from Electronic training wherever that may be, you will have most likely chosen your favorite part of the Electronic Field in which you want to make a profession of. At this point you will most likely find that although the Electronic Tools you used while studying Electronics were quite adequate at the time, they will not be enough to continue with in your new founded career as an Electronic Technician. If you will be working in the field of Computer Technology you ...

Do Your Kids a Favor - Take Away the Calculator by Joe Pagano
... They have come to lean too heavily on the electronic calculator, and this dependency has severely weakened their ability in math. The calculator is a great tool, and knowing how to use one is important in the mathematical education of any child. However, the ubiquity of this compact tool has made our children incapable of doing simple arithmetic. After all, human nature dictates that it is easier to use this tool than to bother thinking of how to do arithmetic calculations.

Circuit City by Felicity Bryant
... One can easily check out the discount schemes offered at the site, like you can get up to 15% off on electronic products, or can save 10% on given models of fax machines, voice recorders and calculators. Even the mp3 players and iPods can be purchased at much lower prices, for the discounts offered at the site is surely going to save what you would have invested otherwise in buying the stuff otherwise. Not only this, the site offers discounts o shipping as well.

Five Band Resistor Color Code-What Does The Last Band Of White Color Represent? by Jestine Yong
... The colors are orange, orange, red, gold, white. Actually it is a four color band resistor. Just ignore the white color and proceed to calculate using the four color band formula. As to why the resistor manufacturers add this 'extra' white band i really do not know. However, from forum someone said that it is for the military purposes. If you know the answer i would like you to email me so that i can share with other fellow electronic repairer thru this info repairing newsletter.

Office Organization: How to Use the Tool Professional Organizers Love by Karen Fritscher-Porter
... Manufacturers often call label-making devices different names such as handheld labeling system, electronic labeling system, label printer, handheld labelmaker and electronic labeler. Sizes vary from small handheld devices that you can hold in one hand to large ones about the size of an adding machine. And prices vary starting from $20 to $30 and rising with added features. Look for label-making systems at your nearest office supply retailer. Many other type retailers sell them too.

Useful Information About Alarms by Richard Romando
... flashlights, touch screen functions, talking calendars and many other things. They are trendy, functional and they are everywhere. The use of alarms has increased so much and has become so indispensable that we even have alarms that go off in our cell phones, TVs, and other electronic gadgets. Alarms come in different types for different purposes. You have bedside alarm clocks, fire alarms, and home and burglar alarms. There are a huge number of models available in each of these categories.

Are You Thinking of Buying a LCD TV? Then You Should Read This by Dale L
... LCDs are used in many other electronic technologies like microwaves, digital clocks, calculators, and stereos. In the television, the LCD comes in the design called Twisted Nematic (TM). It is a naturally twisted crystalline structure that reacts to electric currents in predictable manners. The currents cause it to untwist to different degrees based on the voltage given. These TN crystals are stuck between panes of polarized glass and the untwisting allows different amounts of light to pass ...

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