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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Compound Interest Doesn't Add Much To Your Wealth by Francis Kier
... They say, “compound interest is the 8th Wonder of the World according to Einstein, and will make you a million for your retirement if you’d only skip a few trips to your local coffee shop!!” In my opinion, compounding your return on investment is a tiny factor in wealth building compared to how much and how often you save money. Growth charts used by the people struck by compounding ignore all forms of taxation, fees, commissions, inflation, and then misleadingly uses an average return of ...

My Way Or The Highway: Give Your Financial Professionals A Good Talking To! by Martin Thomson
... We really aren't interested in the investing, its the compounding we want. Its the compounding of our seed capital over a specified amount of time that produces the results for us. When most people refer to investing, they really mean compounding their money. The government accredited investment advisors and other peddlers of paper financial tools offer 7% compounding where ever you go. Didn't anybody tell them we dont live for 200 years? Thats how long it would take to see any reasonably ...

Get Wealthy With the Rule of 72 by Vincent Moloney MD
... Those of you with some mathematical leanings will recognize this as an exponential rate and also as compound interest. This website has a good calculator: Also notice that 28 represents four 7-year spans, time for the first dollars to double four times. Observe that during the first 7-year period you accumulated $13,000, during the 2nd 7-year period $27,000, during the 3rd 7-year period $43,000 and during the 4th period $107,000. During the 4th period you grew eight times as much as in ...

Compounding: The Science Of Exponential Money Generation by Martin Thomson
... Surely it can’t be that hard to maintain a level of compounding that’s fairly interesting over a number of years? You reason. And you know what? You are right. It's a science. Its simple math and the results are under your control if you want them to be. Your actions determine your results, why wait 30 years for compounding to work for you? You can manufacture exceptional results with a some solid research, and deploying that knowledge. There’s a lot more to Compounding than the math.

Visual C# Express - Projects and Solutions (2nd in a series) by Samuel Mela
... You can find a copy of the Interest Calculator Code can be on my Article Support Page . Create Your Own SolutionAfter looking at my example, you will probably want to create your own. It could not be simpler. 1. Start the C# Express application. 2. Click on the "File" menu item. 3. Click on "New Project", and select one of the new project icons when the "New Project" dialog box pops up. I suggest a "Windows Application". 4. Give the project a name (text box at the bottom of the dialog ...

The Art Of Exponential Money Generation by Martin Thomson
... It's the compounding of our seed capital that will get us to the next level. We have touched on what's on offer in every corner of the globe, diluted, packaged investments, that are tailored to committed workers ready to scrape and save in return for 7% per year. We have identified the real nature of risk. Essentially that of the relinquishing of control of our seed capital. And finally we have identified the one and only factor that will take us to the next level.

Maximize Your Priorities by Brian Tracy
... The long term comes soon enough, and every sacrifice that you make today will be rewarded with compound interest in the great future that lies ahead for you. In order to get your personal time under control, you must decide very clearly on your priorities, but at the same time you must also establish "posteriorities" as well. Just as priorities are things that you do more of sooner, "posteriorities" are the things that you do less of. It is just as important to know what to focus on as it ...

Visual C# Express - Parsing User Input (4th In A Series) by Samuel Mela
... Convert.ToDouble and Convert.ToUInt64 could be used instead of double.TryParse and ulong.TryParse respectively; however these methods do not return the status of the conversion so the programmer would need to implement exception code to trap invalid input. SummaryYou can find a copy of the Interest Calculator Code on my Article Support Page . The .net TextBox class allows only textual input, so the programmer needs a way to convert the string value of the TextBox to a numeric value.

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