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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Why You Must Read The PDA Review Before Buying A PDA by Gregg Hall
... We make notations on calendars for things like doctor's appointments and PTA meetings and we carry paper lists in our pockets or purse. There is now an easier way to keep track of all the things we need to accomplish, called a PDA. They keep track of all the things we have to do, so our day can be better organized. The best place to find the right one for you is the PDA review. What is a PDA? A PDA or Personal Data Assistant is a modern type of palm pilot.

Samsung D840 Silver - Complementing Your Style by Adam Jaylin
... Apart from these, the Samsung D840 also sports other features as Bluetooth, voice recorder, polyphonic ring tones, a calendar and calculator, a scheduler, currency converter and Java games. The handset also boasts of a range of add-on features like TV-output that enables you to view your pictures and videos on the big wide television screen. There is also the offline mode option that allows you to listen to music during a flight or in a hospital where switching off mobiles is a necessity.

Handheld Computers Guide - What to Know When Purchasing Your New PDA by Donny Duncan
... The ability to replace your address book, calendar, calculator, and even some functions of their home computers, can be absolutely priceless. What other item can serve so many functions, and yet, fit in your pocket? Cell phones are now integrating them, there are even handheld gps units becoming available. More and more handheld computers are integrating wireless technology, blue tooth, all kinds of memory cards, and many more technologies, making them extremely versatile and more usefull ...

Organization, the Key to Success by Michelle Dunn
... For example, here is what I have on my desk: Computer, phone, stapler, tape, lamp, calculator, envelopes, stamps, return labels, Advil, hand lotion, multivitamins (otherwise I forget to take them!) tissue, promotional book marks and postcards, 2 CD’s I use daily, my tickler file, in box and a box for bills. I have an upright file holder with priority mail envelopes, Notebooks and folders with my mailing lists that I use every day, and invoices that have not been paid for book orders.

An Organized School Year In 10 Easy Steps by Sherrie Le Masurier
... A large family calendar in a high traffic area like the kitchen is a great way of keeping abreast of what’s happening and when. Schedule in nightly preparation time. Encourage your child to spend 15 minutes each night gathering all that they need for the next day. If you have several children set up a shelf with baskets or cubby holes so each child has his or her separate space to store school related belongings. Include in this time clothes planning for the next day.

Matters about Nokia and Your Need for a Free Ringtone by Low Jeremy
... Henceforth, you also have a dire need of free ringtones. Currently free ringtones are widespread especially via the internet. If you are a Nokia-fanatic, you can visit their website to download free ringtones. All you need to do is explore all the possibilities for you to obtain a ringtone of your choice without getting something out of your pocket. For further information, you may opt to visit their website. Perhaps Nokia is able to connect people.

Give A Gift Basket by Charles Kassotis
... A planner, pocket calendar, hand-held calculator, and a style guide make great options. Add a book on career inspiration or success-building videotape and you might well make her day. A pack of gum or a few packets of flavored coffee mix will add a soothing touch. When a close friend is homebound due to illness or a new baby, prepare a care basket to lift her spirits. Tuck in a romance novel or titillating biography, a commercial video that will make her laugh (since laughter promotes the ...

Portable Technology: Getting to Know the Treo by Simon Canfield
... While these are add-ons, there’s also a wide variety of built-in features, which include a To Do List, Memo Pad, Advanced Calculator, CityTime World Clock, desktop synchronization for Windows or Mac and calendar, to name a few. Starting – in some cases – at $299, this portable communications center is well worth the price, and is compatible with a number of different phone carriers. Utilizing an infrared communications port and a touch-screen with stylus, the Treo holds features that ...

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