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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Body Mass Index Chart Misleading by Jim O'Connor
... After calculating their body mass index (BMI), many were shocked to find out their calculated number indicated a detriment to their health. So how do you calculate this number anyway? First off, you can be lazy and go to and have the computer tell you the answer. However, if you want to calculate it yourself simply multiply your weight in pounds by 703 then divide the square of your height in inches. It is that simple. Now after using a body mass index calculator you get your big number.

Paycheck Calculators by Kevin Stith
... based on the information that the individual works for the public sector. For instance, such individuals do not need to pay federal taxes in many cases. For salaried individuals who also receive tips, certain paycheck calculators help confirm the paycheck amount. For the purpose of calculating the final number, the calculator assumes a certain tip amount. These different paycheck calculators make it easy for employees to determine their "take-home", as it were, in a simple and quick way.

High School Algebra Finally Pays Off: The Body Fat Equation by Michael Callen
... The best way to know is to see a doctor or go to a gym that can calculate your body fat percentage. Normal body fat levels for women are between 22 - 25% and between 15 - 18% for men. Lean people will be slightly less, and athletes even lower. In lieu of that, there is a simple calculation that serves as a good guide, but is no where near as accurate. This method is called the BMI or Body Mass Index and was created by the National Institutes of Health in 1998.

Retirement Planning Calculator - Who Needs Them by Tom Turner
... These are all very basic, but they do not offer the real meat of the subject. So, what do you need to think about when using a retirement planning calculator? You need to decide what it is you really dream about. You should never settle for just getting by. Why should you plan to survive? You should plan to thrive in your retirement life. Retirement planning calculators are meant to help you determine basic calculations of numbers and percentages. Life is so much more than this.

Compounding: The Science Of Exponential Money Generation by Martin Thomson
... Before long you are calculating percentages like a pro. An hour later, you stumbled across an idea everyone with a calculator on a rainy Sunday afternoon stumble across. That of calculating the money you have squirled away at the local bank branch in a fixed term savings account. You recall the rate was guaranteed 7% and even though you are only locked in for 12 months, you decide this money will become your retirement fund. All $3000 of it. So you start crunching the numbers for ..oh, say ...

Why Knowing Your Body Mass Index Can Help You Fight Diabetes by David Silva
... It's an easily calculated number which tells you the percentage of your of body weight that consists of fat. Although this number is not 100% on-the-money perfect, especially when the calculation is based solely on height and weight, it's a good ball park figure. Certainly good enough to use as a guide if you're trying to lose weight. Other factors that are normally taken into consideration are sex and age. The most accurate way to determine your body mass index is by working with your doctor.

Is Body Mass Index or BMI a Real Measure of Obesity or is It Flawed? by Armand Dupuis
... You may even have reduced your percentage of body fat quite a bit over time, but the bmi will “Not Reveal that Success to You”What’s wrong with that picture? First of all, why use a measuring system which won’t even reveal to you, what little Success you are having? It’s hard enough to stay motivated on any weight loss system, without not even being aware of what little success you are having. Please realize that I’m just using the “Gym Example” to make a point, because most of the ...

Example of Compensation Calculations by Carolyn Clayton
... Another example of a more concrete loss for which compensation is easy to calculate is wage losses, although this category can get a little more complicated than straight property loss as possible future benefits, bonuses, and raises need to be calculated as well. In almost all instances, and particularly where past as opposed to future losses are concerned, judges will add interest to the monetary compensation that is awarded. Unfortunately, the vast majority of claims which are lodged in ...

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