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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Top 10 Reasons Why EBay Auctions Fail by Ricky Lim
... Reserve Price Putting a reserve price sometimes scares potential buyers away. Try not to have a reserve price if possible. 5. Bad Presentation The presentation of your auction needs to be professional. Get a free auction templates from ebay or on the internet. Make it easy to read your auction by choosing a light colored background and 12 size black font. 6. Bad Spelling and Grammar Run a spelling checker before you list your auction. A bad spelling or grammer auction makes you look bad ...

Join the Bulgarian Property Boom With Confidence by Timothy Wright
... An Irish property investor in Sydney, Australia has created an investment kit that provides potential buyers with all of the relevant facts, figures and information to confidently buy Bulgarian property, which grew an average of 30% in 2004. "Bulgarian Property - The Overseas Buyers’ Kit" contains a complete guide to the tax and ownership laws, calculators and various information-gathering templates. During a trip to Europe at the beginning of 2005 Tim Wright, creator of the kit, found that ...

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make More Money on EBay by John Lenaghan
... Quick Response When you have an item listed on eBay and a potential buyer contacts you with a question, respond quickly. It's important, and actually critical to your success to check your email several times a day. Answering a question quickly could be the difference between you getting the sale or the buyer going elsewhere. 2. Accurate Listings When you list your items on eBay, write an accurate description. You don't have to write long paragraphs or rambling information, but provide ...

How Much Is Your Home Worth? Ask Your San Diego Realtor! by J Harris
... How it has been used in the past could impact how your realtor markets your property or how potential buyers will use it. • Type of Property. The value will differ, depending if the property is a single family home, multiple family home, townhouse, condominium, manufactured or modular home, or a mobile home. • Size of the Property. Is the size of the land a city lot, a ˝ acre, full acre, or several acres? The more land, the higher the value. The position of the property makes a difference ...

Why the 1 Cent Auction is Killing the eBay eBook Market by James Penn
... Firstly, selling 75000 items per month is impossible and secondly, can you imagine dealing with all the questions from buyers, re-sending eBooks that were failed by your automation (if you have automation) and leaving feedback comments. Dealing with these many customers would be impossible and your inability to answer e-mails quickly and re-send items could easily lead to negative feedbacks – therefore disqualifying you further from power seller status.

Building Wealth – The Steady & Low Risk Way to Do It by Sacha Tarkovsky
... The answer lies in the fact that property is up to 70% cheaper than in the Southern USA and this fact is bringing in an influx of buyers. It’s only a 3 hour flight from Miami for example, so it is the area of choice to buy second and retirement homes for many Americans and these homes need to be built on land. Add in the fact that land investment is tax efficient, you get the same rights as residents, the demand for prime land should remain strong and you have the perfect low risk way, to ...

Make Money With No Investment - How To Make Little Money Into Big Money by Jack Reynolds
... Next, a buyer comes along who has money but needs a house fast. This urgency of utlity is common and so excess intrinsic value is also common in all manner of investment objects. To make money with no investment, you must start at the level your seed capital can handle and work steadily upwards. From pushbike to used computer. From computer to antique dish, from dish to grandfather clock, from clock to cheap car. From car to dearer car. From dearer car to a deposit on a small parcel of land.

Ten Tips For a Top-Notch Tag Sale by Rosemary Chieppo
... PS: Make sure you have someone on hand who can help move heavy objects or load items in buyers’ cars. 4. Here’s what you’ll need to get rid of what you don’t need: a fanny pack with lots of change; a calculator for tallying sales; measuring tape so shoppers can measure furniture; extension cords to test electrical appliances; a full-length mirror so shoppers can see what clothes look like; bubble wrap, boxes, and old newspapers for packing; and plastic bags to make it easy for shoppers to ...

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