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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Should You Wait On Volume Before Buying A Stock? by Larry Potter
... In years gone buy, live people, making big decisions would make a move to buy stocks, and as they were buying other managers would see the action and they'd buy and so on and so on. Often volume and price appreciation "grew" on each other. But today, it's computers. Really bright fellows with slide rules (well, maybe little calculators now) and degrees decide what is the "buy area" and sell area for a basket of stocks, based on all sorts of parameters, some of which you'd never know of.

Evaluating Stocks: Fundamentals and Technical Analysis by Ray Johns
... For the Fundamental Analyst, once an undervalued security is found, it's simply a matter of buying the stock and waiting for the market to realize the "more accurate" value of the security (assuming of course he/she is correct in their assumptions). Find a cheap security, buy it and become rich. If only it were that simple. Or perhaps it is? Just ask Mr. Buffett. If the definitive work on Fundamental Analysis is provided by Graham and Dodd, then perhaps the definitive work on Technical ...

The Skinny on Mutual Fund Investing by Mika Hamilton
... A mutual fund is actually a company that operates by taking money from a group of investors (all those that buy the fund) and then invests it in stocks or bonds, short term money market instruments, securities, options, or some combination of these investments. If the investments pay off, the investors make money. Because most mutual funds are run by people with a certain amount of financial savvy and stock market experience, mutual fund investing is often considered rather safe, but the ...

The Stock Exchange - A Beginners Guide by Stuart Langridge
... Decide on what you want to specialise on, whether the stock market for beginners is a place to invest and how you will approach it. It might help to find areas in which you have useful knowledge already. Either that or decide on an area and slowly become an expert. What do I mean? Well, if you worked in a bank for 10 years, you must know something about banking. When you read an annual report from a bank, do you laugh and see through the waffle or does it make real sense?

Resell Rights: The Quickest Way To Your Own Online Business by Stephen P Smith
... To make money you must research the market and learn what customers want and need to buy. Doing so will allow you to obtain the resell rights to a product that will be in high demand, and which will bring you correspondingly high sales and profits. Luckily this is not at all difficult do, although you will need to set aside a little time. If you balk at this, just remember that once you have your hot-selling product online you’re well on the way to a lifestyle that the vast majority of ...

Foreclosure Investing Is Dead...Or Is It? by Tom Dunn
... Let those other suckers lose their shirts, you’ll stick with safer investments like the stock market and pork belly futures, thank you very much. Real estate investing is dead. or is it? If foreclosure investing is truly dead for many people, people who have experienced similar nightmares to the one I described above, the fact is it's not truly their fault. Yes, I know that they bear the ultimate responsibility for their own mistakes, and they should have done their homework before taking ...

How to Set (and Get) the Right Prices by Jay Lipe
... Pricing by position The last step is to and ask this question “How do we want to be perceived in our market?” In my book The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses , I identify 13 possible price strategies you could choose from, but to make this easy, consider just three:· Premium Price; the most expensive 1/3rd of your market · Middle Market Prices; the middle 1/3rd · Budget Price; the least expensive 1/3rd. Based on the value factors you’ve identified and your chief competitors, ...

Fibonacci Retracement Basics For Stock Traders by Dave Wooding
... If you are a stock trader interested in improving your ability to pick possible turning points in the stock market, consider using Fibonacci retracements when identifying trading opportunities. Using Fibonacci in your trading does not need to be complicated. Identifying obvious highs and lows on a stock chart is what you need to focus on. Start by looking at a daily chart of your favorite stock. One of the fastest ways to determine turning points using Fibonacci is to start with the ...

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