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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Retirement Management by Matt Alexander
... There are many people that have to work until they die because they have to in order to survive financially. Do not conform to that statistic. Conclusion While retirement is generally one of the most anticipated times in one’s life, it should also be one of the most active. After all, Americans are generally living longer, staying in better health and retiring earlier. Yet so many people are financially unprepared when the time arrives to retire.

Want More Sales? Write A Barry Bonds Sales Letter by Dean Phillips
... Here are a few examples of effective closes:"Just click on the button below to order NOW--Risk-Free!""To get your FREE web site--Order NOW!""Limited time offer! Order NOW!"Something else that's very effective is to include a post- script (P.S.) at the end of your sales letter. Your post-script should include an enticement of some sort, to get your prospects to order NOW. You should also use the post-script as a final call to "ACTION!" Here's an example of an effective post-script: P.S.

Grab Your Toolkit by Steve Welker
... The amount of the currency to purchase is entered. Some brokers will also allow you to specify a risk amount, which will automatically enter a Stop Loss order. Then you will get a final confirmation screen, once you accept the information on this screen then your trade request is in place. You can use a Stop Loss Price to limit the amount you can lose but you can also use a Take Profit Price to automatically close your position when the currency reaches a certain price.

Home-Based Business Start-Up Costs – How to Keep Them Under Control by Laurie Hayes
... Some new home-based business owners feel it is necessary to buy state-of-the-art equipment, sign up for all of the prominent subscriptions and memberships, stock their shelves with loads of inventory, have expensive art on the walls, and create an air of wealth and success in order to impress prospective clients. This kind of thinking can put you out of the race before you even start running! I remember when I was a consultant for a MLM company. I thought I had to carry every product ...

History of World / Regional Search Engines and Directories by Julie Wartes
... And because we live in a quick-fix society, with limited time on our hands, we need something to make surfing the web a lot easier, something that will sort out all this influx of information into a logical order. Hence the wonder of search engines, which have transformed the meaning of search and has made our jobs easier. This paper focuses on search engine case studies around the world. Different search engine regions selected for research in this paper were: American, European, ...