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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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The Newest Thing in Lighting - LED Lighting and What It Can Do by Paul Forte
... There are LED bulbs that can replace some existing bulbs like an MR 16 low voltage bulb. As of right now in their development accent lighting is where they are best suited, the time for them to replace conventional light bulbs is not far off. As an example of where LEDís can really shine is a pool light that can change into seven different colors just by turning the regular switch on and off to change modes. There are other types of color changing bulbs that can be used for decorative purposes.

LEDs: The Light of the Future by William Sutherland
... Phillips Electronics is working on LED bulbs that can screw into existing light sockets, while besthomeledlighting.com already offers LED screwable bulbs -- one consisting of 70 LEDS that emits a "warm white color similar to the light from an incandescent bulb" [17] using only 3 Watts of energy and another LED bulb that actually changes colors when lit). With these efforts along with the adoption, exploitation, and production of LED technology by growing numbers of companies, it is ...

What is Solar Power? by Anne Clarke
... For example: If in an especially sunny climate one can produce enough power from the sunlight to run a 100w light bulb from merely one single square meter of solar panel. b) What is solar power? What can it do? Other examples of what is solar power? are examples of some of the different things that solar power can do. Read carefully if you really want to understand what is solar power? 1) Solar water heating is a part of what is solar power. Basically, heat from the sun is used to heat ...

Guide The Vision With On-Target Goals by Karin Syren
... It is said that Thomas Edison performed some one thousand experiments before his incandescent bulb glowed. But he continued with the process, knowing that he was not defeated until he quit. Victory does not necessarily belong to the best. It belongs to the most persistent. Vision is the ability to see what others are not (yet) able to see; to create within oneself something new and better, bigger and brighter. But that vision must be translated into a concrete, measurable reality.

LED Lighting - An Energy Efficient Alternative by Margarette Tustle
... In general, incandescent light bulbs have a filament, while lights powered by LED utilize the movement of electrons over an arc. This movement of electrons over the arch is what produces light. If the arc has a tighter radius, the light emitted will be brighter. The power is provided by a semiconductor and will last as long as its transistor. These lights use little energy, relatively, as they provide large amounts of lighting. LED lighting is used nearly everywhere you use light.

Advancing Technology Through Mice by Andy Alt
... I firmly believe that a fourth button will either cause a pizza to be delivered to one's door, or pop up a dialog box which states how many light bulbs to buy next time one goes shopping. After the fourth button comes into existence, I foresee more wheels being added. Honestly, I don't see the need for ever having more than four wheels. After the four button/four mouse wheel is accepted into society, technology must further advance -- as it always has and always will.

At Home In Your Home Office by Akhil Shahani
... Halogen bulbs are energy efficient light sources, while warm fluorescents on the ceiling might be a good idea. Very important Ė make sure the light sources are placed above or behind your computer, and are not reflected off the screen. If you canít, better stock up your medicine cabinet with Aspirin. While weíre on the subject of electricity, let us also remind you to fit out your home office with a number of electrical outlets. Power surges can kill your equipment, so the decision to ...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Ė An Easy Household Guide ~ Book Review by Lillian Brummet
... What to do with Fluorescent and CFL bulbs, funeral alternatives to consider, what the various numbers on plastics mean -itís all covered here in this tidy book. I found the information about all the different kinds of batteries, particularly the button-cell variety (watch, camera, calculator, etc), quite interesting. Interestingly, I never considered donating furniture too battered for reuse to upholsterer businesses and classes, where they may wish to reuse the frame to make new furniture.

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