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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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How to Improve Your Poker Game by Adel Awwad
... Professional poker players often write books about their playing techniques. In learning about the different techniques that various poker player’s use, you can learn the techniques that work best for you and subsequently improve your poker game. Secondly, when looking to improve your poker game, you will want to explore as many strategic plays as possible. This can be done at free online casinos where you can learn the different types of rules for poker variants, the different types of ...

Organization, the Key to Success by Michelle Dunn
... I also have a basket of information to include in the 2nd edition I am working on for one of my books. When I find something I want to add to that book, I throw it in the basket, when I am ready to make the revision’s I will have all the information in one place, MUCH EASIER! I also have a small plastic container with drawers, that I keep my promotional materials in, business cards, book marks, order forms and postcards. When I need something like this, they are all in one place and I can ...

Secrets from the Classroom: Avoiding Summer Learning Loss by Rob Stringer
... Pick up books or magazines from the library on a favourite topic. Consider a family field trip to a park or museum. He/she doesn't have a hobby? Pick a topic that interests both of you and learn something together. Combating Summer Learning Loss doesn't have to be complicated or boring—all it takes is a focused effort to find the educational opportunities in what you are already doing. Not only will they be keeping their brains active, they will likely be having so much fun, they won’t even ...

Make A Weight-Loss New Year's Resolution And Stick With It All Year Long by Susanne Myers
... You’ll find yourself thinking, “If I eat that cookie, I’ll have to write it down. I better skip it”. Or if you haven’t been a couch potato all day, you may be motivated to take a quick walk around the block so you can jot it down in your journal. Celebrate each small goal. Remember those small goals you planed out? Make sure you celebrate each goal you reach – but not with food. Reward yourself with a new blouse, a manicure, or a good book. Pick something you truly enjoy.

SAT Test Day: The Night Before and Morning Of by Karl Schellscheidt
... After breakfast, take out a test prep book and do the first two questions of each of the three sections. After a few easy math, writing, and sentence completion problems, you’ll realize your brain is still working and everything is going to be OK. Don’t check the answers….just do the problems. I don’t think the first problems you do on test day should be the real ones on the SAT exam. Hopefully this advice will help you maximize your SAT test score. Good luck, and remember to stay positive!

DIGITAL Casinos by Rohn Engh
... Most researchers settled for “good enough for government-work” –and books and magazines from that era reflect this. Today, for photo researchers, Google and other search engines have become a magic wand for finding that hard-to-find image. Using a word-search feature on their computer, they are able to sift through hundreds, even thousands of keywords to locate the source of that exact photo—in just seconds. The laborious search process of the last century is over.

Using Random Student Cards in Class by Frank Holes Jr.
... Other useful information could include text book or calculator numbers, birth dates, and even students' interests or hobbies. How often do I use the cards? Several times each hour! We use the cards in warm ups so everyone has a random chance of being picked. The cards are used for choosing random teams or groups. They are great for class discussions, since students cannot just be quiet and disappear; every discussion question can be answered by several students in succession, who must ...

How Much Is A Great Business Logo Really Worth? by Curtis D. Tucker
... In closing let me say that the information above is a personal opinion and is taken from years of searching logo design web sites and reading books on graphic design. The prices and information I have explained here only pertain to the work of graphic designers, not advertising agencies. An advertising agency handles logo design on a larger scale and incorporates an entire corporate identity service. Their logo design rates are many times higher than a graphic designers.

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