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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Goal Setting for Weight Loss by Chyna Dolores
... You need to aim for a weight loss between 0.5-1kg each week (which translates to about a half a percent of body fat). It may seem like a slow process, but it is the safest way to lose the weight and, more importantly, keep it off. By taking the weight off slowly, you give your body the chance to adapt to new eating and exercising habits that you can maintain for the rest of your life. By losing the weight slowly, you are more likely to be losing excess fat, and not muscle making your body ...

8 Keys To Healthy Weight Loss And Burning Body Fat by Ellen Agius
... In addition, the drugs produce minimal weight loss, and upon discontinuing the use of any of the drugs, the weight is virtually always regained If you’re serious about improving your health and decreasing your body fat once and for all, take the time to examine these key points. KEY ONE. LOOK FOR A WELL RESEARCHED SAFE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM For the overweight or obese person to lose fat and keep it off for life a safe and effective fat loss system which actually triggers your body into ...

Create More Energy in Your Life by Brook Noel
... A recent Prevention article shared how doing just 10 minutes of LIGHT weight lifting repetitions caused a focus group to feel a 45% increase in their energy level. Pick up some light weights (5-10 pounds) at your local discount-mart and use them by your television at night. Put it into Practice: It is important to recognize that energy isn't a "one size fits all" formula. I encourage you to experiment with each concept, paying attention to how it impacts your energy level.

How to Get Past the Boredom of Exercise by Francine Larson
... According to this calculator, when I do my hardest yard work for 120 minutes, I use 726 calories! Yeah! Read more good news about this on an article by Jeff Restuccio called, National Gardening Exercise Day, which was June 6th. http://ritecode.com/aerobicgardening/exerday.html. It not only reinforces the fact that gardening can be an aerobic exercise, but has tips on stretching, cool downs and techniques on posture while gardening to produce the best results.

Body Mass Index (BMI): Are You at a Healthy Weight? by Dana E. Smith
... In almost all cases, this means that the BMI will accurately reflect your weight and proportion of body fat as a function of your height and weight when categorizing you as healthy, overweight or obese. Calculating your approximate body mass index is relatively straightforward, although you'll probably need a calculator just to save time. To get your BMI, multiply your weight in pounds by 703. Next, divide that result by your height in inches. Then divide that result by your height in ...

Is Your Goal Really Weight Loss? by Nathan Latvitis
... The calculator uses the circumference of several parts of your body and then plugs them into a formula developed by the U.S. Navy to derive an approximation of your body fat %. You can find this calculator here:There are also much more accurate ways to measure your body fat % like buoyancy testing or the use of special lasers. If you insist on knowing your progress by weight loss and want to use a scale, try to weigh yourself at the same time everyday.

Is Body Mass Index or BMI a Real Measure of Obesity or is It Flawed? by Armand Dupuis
... One person could actually be Obese, and the other could be a very fit body builder and weight lifter who was pure muscles with less than 2% body fat! And yet, on the BMI scale they would both be considered “Obese”Ridiculous isn’t it? Now these two examples are opposite extremes, but I hope you understand the point. A more normal example would be Lets say that you decide to join a Gym to lose weight. You work out for months, lose 45 Lbs of fat, and put on 45 Lbs of Muscles.

How to Calculate Your BMI by Ken Wilssens
... Even then if you have a lot of muscle the calculation may not be accurate because the calculator cannot actually see the amount of fat that is on your body. If you apply the BMI formula to calculate your body mass index and then measure the circumference of your waist, you will have a better indication of whether or not you need to lose weight. When you start to diet and lose weight, instead of constantly weighing yourself on the scales, you should take a measurement of your waist at ...

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