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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Blue Book Used Car Prices by Josh Riverside
... Blue Book used car prices are set by considering several factors such as the carís mileage, its condition, the equipment in the car, the geographic area where the car was driven, and other options on the car. The Blue Book also gives other services such as a payment calculator, ability to compare the cars, free CARFAX record check, free extended warranty quote, as well as financing and insurance advice. Used car Blue Book prices can also be accessed online via the Internet at some sites ...

LED Lighting - An Energy Efficient Alternative by Margarette Tustle
... Next time you pull up to a car cruising with bright blue, green or pink glow beneath their cars, you now know whatís behind them! Another new fad with LED lighting is in automobile seatbelts. You have the ability to enter a personalized message or sentence into your belt buckle for display. Amazing. This type of lighting is great for the consumer! The use of this technology offers you the option to choose a source of light that uses little energy and is cost effective.

23 Games to Play in the Car (or Anywhere!) by Brook Noel
... Variation: Make a "mixed" car board and include different types of items on the card such as: Fire truck Stop light Grocery store National Historic Monument Lake or Pond Farm Police Car Billboard Speed Talking: (You will need either a timer or watch with a second hand) Choose a topic and then talk for 60 seconds straight without repeating yourself or pausing. One point is awarded if you accomplish the goal. Take turns playing to a designated number of points depending on the length ...