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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Photos Are Words by Rohn Engh
... And if you don’t find it on Google, you can try an assortment of other search engines. And now comes the method of typing in those keyphrases. Spellchecker software is fostering a situation where people pay less attention to spelling correctly, the same way hand-held calculators made the previous generation less able to multiply and divide. To catch buyers, photographers would do well in many cases to identify their images on the Internet by using several spelling variations.

Measuring the Difficulty and Merit of SE Positioning Results by John Tello
... A good Search Engine Positioning Index should be: - Reproducible - Consistent - Non-manipulable - Easy to calculate - Accepted - Non-proprietary - Free (or cheap) Then, I propose: Keyword SEPI = Total page results for the keyword searched between quotes in Google * Seomoz.org Keyword Difficulty ^2(to the square) / (Position ^2) Keyword SEPI is: Keyword Search Engine Positioning Index To analyze multi-keyword results, such as those coming from a campaign, a tool or a SEO company, we ...

Top Pay Per Click Choices Part 3: The Search Continues by Patrick Connor
... The first good thing about Search 123's PPC search engine is its wide reach of networks. It gives advertisers the opportunity to tap on a wide range of potential online buyers and customers by providing good traffic flow and a well-established connection to a hundred-plus search engines, directories, and websites. Second noteworthy is the affordable rate of each click made. The cost per click in Search 123 is about 50%, at the very least, less than the services of giant search engines.

10 Quick Steps To Becoming A Google Power-User by Judith Brandy
... Tip #1: Get exact results by adding “quotation marks” around your search term Most people know that if you type in more than one word, for instance, a name, search engines will return every result that contains those two words. I searched first on my name, Judith Brandy. Google brought back every website that had the words, Judith and Brandy in its title or description. It included a liquor site, people who were names Brandy with a different first name and assorted other junk that was ...

Finding Your Niche - Your First Step to an Online Business by Chad Curl
... Besides the keyword tool, use search engines to give you ideas. You could even use a thesaurus, such as the one at to help inspire you. No matter what subject or niche you decide on, you WILL have competition. Competition is actually a very good thing and keeps our economy healthy. So don't be anxious or afraid whether your niche will have any or too much competition. There will always be a need to fill ! I bet there isn't one niche out there where everybody is 100% completely satisfied.

DIGITAL Casinos by Rohn Engh
... of keywords to locate the source of that exact photo—in just seconds. The laborious search process of the last century is over. Search engines are teaching us that finding the exact location of a specialized photo quickly and easily is only a matter of learning how to do it. If this new era of stock photography has made photographers become pre-press specialists, it has also made photo researchers become library scientists. Photographers are unique in their style and picture content.

Get Indexed by Google's Googlebot Right Away, the Right Way by Andrei Smith
... Be aware that not every search engine robot can crawl dynamic pages as well as static pages. It helps to keep the parameters short and the number of them few. 11. Never use the "&id=" parameter If you must use query strings, or dynamic pages, never use the "&id=" parameter as part of the string. I know this might sound ridiculous, as it might be hard or impossible for you not to use the "&id=" parameter, but if you are a programmer and you can change the variable's name, replace "id" with ...

Get An Online Life Insurance Quote by Terry Edwards
... The best place to start is by going to your favorite search engine and type in what you're looking for. Consider clicking on some of the relevant ads to get information. Advertising for life insurance companies can be expensive in search engines so you're more likely to get stable, trustworthy companies. Check Out The Website Take a moment and look over the website. Does it offer helpful articles and tips? Does it have information that will help you learn what type of life insurance you ...

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