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Monday, April 23, 2018
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The Art Of Exponential Money Generation by Martin Thomson
... Of course, compared to the diluted packaged investments on offer in the "investments advisor" world Opportunity Investment is comparatively Black magic, alchemy, and witch craft all rolled into one. However, its simply common sense unfettered by the hazy ideas of "more informed" employees of the 6% compounding world. Martin Thomas(c)copyright2005 This article may be cut and pasted by anybody, any time for use in forums, blogs and other websites, as long as the article is not altered and ...

TPM and Lean Production, is It Worth the Effort? by Oskar Olofsson
... "Looks interesting", he says, "Please come back with a good calculation of the Return on Investment so that we can see if it fits into next year's budget." This is where the story might end. How could you possible estimate costs and benefits from such advanced management techniques as TPM and Lean Production? These concepts are known to be difficult to plan in advance, and they require a mind-shift for everybody in the facility. Well, it may be difficult but you have to do the calculation ...

The Truth About Doublers by David Congreave
... If a program promises all investors a complete return on their investment without limiting the number of applicants, this program is almost certain to collapse. Legitimate enterprises will limit the number of investors or require members to achieve their own sales. A legitimate enterprise will never guarantee a profit. Illegal The laws of the country you live in may prohibit running, or investing in, a ponzi scheme. Owning a ponzi scheme, investing in a ponzi scheme or permitting a ponzi ...

Yes You Can Trade Stocks and Options Like a Pro by Anatole Raif
... Some work best with stocks, while others are better suited for derivative trading (options, futures, etc…). All of them are anti-martingale strategies where the size of the position goes up as your account size grows. For a much more in depth discussion of money management systems and position sizing I recommend reading “Trade your way to financial freedom” by Van K. Tharp. Yes you can trade stocks and options like a pro. You just need to focus on managing risk the way professionals do.

The 3 Metrics You Must Understand Before You Do Your Next Pay Per Click by Mike Makler
... If you spend $1,000 on Advertising and take in $50,000 then your Return on Ad Spend equals 5,000 Percent. (You can use the online Return on Ad Spend Calculator 3 - Return on InvestmentReturn on Investment is the bottom line. Also known as profit or Net Profit. This is the number that all Business owners shoot for. If you spend $1,000 to generate $50,000 in Sales and you make a 50 Percent Profit on each sale ($25,000) the your return on Investment is 2500 Percent.

Compounding: The Science Of Exponential Money Generation by Martin Thomson
... There’s a lot more to Compounding than the math. But look, they say in life, you get what you put in, however, compounding is different. When compounding your own money, as we have seen, that theory is just inadequate to express the returns. Its time you investigated compounding properly. Keep an eye out for my articles here, or visit our web site right now on the link below for a lot of free insights and open content pages. (c) Martin Thomas 2005.

Beware Of Get Rich Quick Scam by Hari Wibowo
... next fifteen years, you are kidding yourself. The law of number will be against your odd after a while. What is the best defense against investment scams? Education is foremost important. Furthermore, consulting with your friends and relatives will be the next best thing to do. The need for money is there and hence investment scam business can still thrive. The next time you heard some wonderful business opportunity, you should ask yourself if there is indeed a free lunch in this world.

Top Pay Per Click Choices Part 3: The Search Continues by Patrick Connor
... With its very friendly rates, Search 123 PPC search engine can help you save up more and enjoy higher returns of investments. Another good feature of Search 123 is its advertiser services that are free of charge. With Search 123, you can start your account, research and expand your keywords, control your account, and get assistance with no costs at all. You will only start paying as soon as clicks are already generated. Fourth stellar feature of Search 123 is its real-time processing.

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