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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Can a Golf Handicap Tracker Really Improve Your Game? by Patrick Forbes
... While making better shots on the course is a good sign that your game is improving, there’s nothing like a solid number to prove the fact! Now whether it’s simply to improve your own game or to document your way into tournament play, it’s important to get reliable numbers that truly represent your handicap. Otherwise, you may think you’re making definite strides when you aren’t, or feel you’re not advancing your game when it really is. Don't just track your stats.

Computers Rule Our Lives? by Jennifer Kittell
... Jobs look for computer literacy as a requirement and some bill paying services suggest online payment as a good alternative to good old fashioned snail- mail. It is easier for companies to teach a computer literate person their trade than it is to teach a person skilled in their trade how to use a computer. This all leads to the same conclusion: A person is more efficient and more useful if they have computer skills over any other skill. I hate computers, but you would never know it ...

Computer Training, or "Would You Like Fries With That?" by Albert Medinas
... However, if you want to stay ahead of the game and not play catch-up, online computer training schools may be your best option. Are you nuts? Those online places are a joke, right? I mean, what employer is going to give me a job because of some certificate from a school that doesn’t exist - except on my computer? Are there some shady online computer training schools? Well, of course there are - but the same is true of those “real” schools with cool things like buildings and stuff.

Give Your Family a Health Makeover by Jamie Jefferson
... In addition to TV time, try limiting video games and computer time, too. Plan a family game night with a favorite board game. Do household chores together. Join an organized sports league. 13. Make healthy alternatives readily available. Set a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter, as well as bowl of carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas and raw broccoli. 14. Go easy on yourself. Remember that the example you set will be followed by your children.

Handheld Computers Guide - What to Know When Purchasing Your New PDA by Donny Duncan
... Operating System - There are two basic operating systems on handheld computers right now, Windows based, and PalmOS based. If you're going to be purchasing or downloading applications and games for your handheld computer, you'll want to know what kind of operating system it uses. Accessories - It's always good to know what accessories your handheld computer will come with, but it's also good to know what kind of accessories are available for it.

The Psychology of Poker Calculators by Marty Smith
... But poker is a game that persistently challenges not only your intellect, but your emotions as well. What may be surprising to you is that a poker calculator can help you check your emotions. That may be odd news to some, because a poker calculator is an inherently mathematical odds gadget, which would seemingly help you in certain hands – as well it does. But what it does even better is keep you out of the money losing hands in the first place. Take that KQos for example.

Computer...Take A Letter... A Speech Recognition Update by Grant Fairley
... People with disabilities that limit their ability to use the computer keyboard or mouse have also found speech as their way to surf the web, play games, send email or do their work. It is liberating. One of the quiet epidemics that is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) or repetitive strain injuries (RSI) associated with typing. It is estimated that this currently costs anywhere from hundreds of millions of dollars to billions of dollars a year. It is difficult to calculate it since the reporting ...

You're A Mathematical Genius, You Know! by Murdo Macleod
... She goes off to bed happy, dreaming about birthday cake And you get to watch the ball game on TV. Again, it's just a matter of simplifying. Real world math is not about mental agony, or learning mechanical formulas that you follow mindlessly like a robot. It's about common sense, seeing how numbers really work, and breaking things down. You just need a little imagination. After all, that's what genius really is.

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