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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Common CCTV DVR DIY Mistakes by Gerard Cohen
... The reason for this is that Sony makes about 75% of the worlds CCD chips, which are used in everything from Camcorders to digital cameras to CCTV security cameras. The CCD is an important part of the security camera and has an impact on the resolution, but the electronics behind the CCD also have a big role in how good your image is. What determines how good my image is?:How good your image is depends on quite a few things. It depends on how good your lens is, how well it is focused, what ...

eBay Powerseller Secrets for Online Auction Success by Jennifer Carter
... Get a good digital camera and take several shots of the item. Make sure that there is something that shows it’s size, whether that’s a coin or book. Decide on a price You may wish to add additional items to increase the perceived value of the item. Again, this puts you ahead of dozens of other sellers who just sell the item on it’s own. Don’t start your bidding too high. Only start bidding high when demand is likely to be low so that a bidding frenzy is unlikely.

DIGITAL Casinos by Rohn Engh
... “The on-line proliferation of images is making the Internet a big gambling casino.” Digital cameras and upscale scanners are driving the number of available images upwards. Anyone with a quality digital camera and sensitive eye for imagery and a desire to figure out the technicalities of uploading images to an on-line website(s), can climb aboard, and they are doing so in droves. With this on-line proliferation of images, the Internet has become a big gambling casino.

Nokia 8800, a Perfect Combination of Beauty and Functionality by Andrena Markley
... Other features include 64MB of internal memory that allows you to save the photos you snap with the camera. The Nokia 8800 handset also supports Bluetooth, enabling you to exchange data between other Bluetooth compatible devices. It also includes other usual PIM functions like calendar, a to-do list, a calculator, a countdown timer, a stopwatch and a lot more. So here is Nokia 8800 with its stainless steel body, high quality display, digital camera and an excellent performance.

eBay Secrets to Getting Started Selling Online by Chris Ryerson
... Using the scenario above if you have a digital camera that you want to sell instead of writing a title like “Camera for Sale” you might want to add more description to the title for something like “Lightly Used 3 mega pixel Digital Camera” Add Model Numbers Again since people most often search for the exact item they want if you can add in model numbers you are likely to get buyers that are more motivated! For example instead of using a title like “Digital Camera for Sale” you might want ...

Stunning Looks, User-friendly Features by Keith Rickwood
... There is a 1.23 megapixel digital camera with 8x digital zoom and capabilities for video recording and playback. The sophisticated imaging options of the Motorola V3i can be used to play MPEG4 video clips. With quad-band global GSM coverage, connectivity is quite comprehensive. One could send MMS; EMS; SMS and instant messages and convey unsaid thoughts with ease. The Motorola V3i supports SMS chat, a feature which holds it in good stead among young people.

Nokia N93: A Top-Notch Accessory From Nokia by Keith Rickwood
... Equipped with a 3.2 Mega pixel Camera, 20 x digital zoom, autofocus flash and a Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar Lens; it is a premium camera phone with which you can click lucid and good quality pictures. You can also later save them in your photo album; with the Nokia XpressPrint feature of this phone; with which you can easily print your pictures. With features like notes, conference calls, PIM, calculators, symbian S60 this phone is perfectly attuned to the needs of the working professional.

Seven Things to Consider When Choosing a PDA by Jason Kohrs
... PDAs like the PalmOne Zire 72 include a digital camera for capturing stills and video clips at decent resolutions. Taking another look at the Zire 72 shows off another feature that has become popular in PDAs… GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers that will help plot and track routes during travel. Many PDAs also offer a wide array of extra add-on accessories to add ease of use and maybe a touch of flash to your PDA. For example, most manufacturers offer such things as spare batteries, ...

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