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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Corporate Gift Ideas by Amit Kumar
... goodies for the entire family Corporate gifts are the company’s way of telling its employees that their services are appreciated. It conveys to the employees that the company cares for them and takes time out to look into their needs. To the customers and clients, corporate gifts deliver a message of efficiency and thoughtfulness of the company. By looking at the quality of the corporate gifts, clients often make estimates of the company’s standard of work and its position in the market.

Give A Gift Basket by Charles Kassotis
... When a close friend is homebound due to illness or a new baby, prepare a care basket to lift her spirits. Tuck in a romance novel or titillating biography, a commercial video that will make her laugh (since laughter promotes the healing process), a word puzzle book, hair jewelry, scented hand cream, and a small box of gourmet chocolates. When the word gets out that you like to give these meaningful presents, people will line up to get on your good side.

Top 5 Cleaning Complaints and How to Solve Them by Steve Hanson
... Be sure to point out commonly missed areas to employees - build-up around calculators, stacking baskets, pictures, sides of desks, and chair legs. Make sure supervisors pay special attention to these areas when walking through the building. 3. Trash Not Emptied. When training new employees, point out hidden trash cans. There should always be a specific path to follow so a trash can is not inadvertently missed. Typically employees should go counter-clockwise around the room, zig-zagging back ...

Finding Your Niche - Your First Step to an Online Business by Chad Curl
... A gift basket store is a little more focused on an area, but how about gift baskets for pets? Now that would be considered a niche. Not necessarily a good niche, but you get the point. Think of a niche as, " an opportunity for an average, everyday person to be successful ". Most of us have no chance of survival when we are trying to compete with the "big dogs". But fortunately, we can still pick up what they leave behind, and They leave behind plenty!

Getting Your Kids Organized for School in 5 Quick Steps by Sara Pedersen
... Check in each day so you’re aware of their workload and take special care when they seem overwhelmed. 4. Encourage the use of lists and planners. The older kids get, the more homework and activities they’ll have. Teach them to manage their tasks with the use of simple lists or a planner/calendar of some sort. Office supply stores sell ones with cute kid- friendly designs, or use computer lists (or even PDAs) for techie kids. When they learn of upcoming assignments, tests, or events, ...

Easy and Effective - Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Your Home Business by Patrysha Korchinski
... She decides to write three articles for the month, one on buying appropriate jewelry based on a woman’s personality, one on jewelry care and one on romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day. She puts the ideas onto her notepad and adds writing and distribution to her list. She also jots down several related ideas to enter into her blog. Then she thinks about the specials she will offer to her newsletter list and the ads that she’ll create for the advertising lists, networks and forums that she’s on.