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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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A Visit to Shanghai China - Part One by Salihu Ibrahim
... Two most interesting things about the tower is the view, which is fantastic from the top most spot on the tower. Another is the souvenirs you can find. This a place to buy gift items of various kinds that depict the city of shanghai. There are restaurants and spots where you can relax to catch your breath,and take pictures. Another interesting place in Shanghai is the Peoples Square. This is an historic place. It used to be where people go to gather to make speeches.

How to Find the Best LCD Monitor for You by Michael Cottier
... The higher the response time, the more blurry the images will be, especially images moving on black backgrounds. The connection between the LCD monitor and the computer also makes a major difference in picture quality. LCD monitors have an AGP port just like CRTs do, but they also have another port called DVI, which instead of being analog it uses a digital signal. Digital connections have less picture and color loss than an analog one, but do require you to have a DVI port on your computer.

Garage Sale Checklist - your guide to hassle-free sales by George Grubetic
... 2-3 weeks before the sale-Start sorting through your household for unwanted items have the mindset that almost anything will sell if it is a bargain- Price your items price items about 25-35% of what they cost new (clothes are exceptions - 5-15% here)- Pick a date and time for your sale weekends are the best; avoid public holidays or special events- Write your ad give the address and hours of the sale; mention items that are of particular interest- Place your ad in local newspapers and ...

How To Build Rapport - That Essential Sales Skill by Jonathan Farrington
... People swarm, flock and group together by type, background, interests, beliefs, gender, work and so on. And one of the most efficient ways to get close to one another is through self-disclosure. As we begin to experience a powerful common bond, so too does rapport begin. Mutual interests, ideas, values and beliefs are the wrap and weft of social interaction. Most people like people who are like themselves! Biographic MatchingIt is rare for two human beings to be together very long before ...

Technology Tips To Make Life Easier by Jim Meisenheimer
... How many industry sales records do you own? If you would like to run for the GOLD and learn how to become the BEST you can become - please keep reading. If you're an EMERIL kind of person and interested in "Kicking it up a notch," take a look at my October 5-6 Advanced Selling Skills Boot Camp. New topics and exercises to help you take your business to the next level. See complete details along with 9 special bonuses here: Let's go sell something . . .

Lead Generation Sins - 7 Of Them! by Daniel A. Levis
... More than ever, your prospect is interested in your experience & expertise, as well as your product. What better way to demonstrate it, than with a well-written whitepaper? Its dead easy to write a whitepaper that automatically qualifies prospects, and graduates them effortlessly to the next milestone in your sales process. If you need a little help getting started, try this. What your prospects are really looking for are results, not products. Its the How To that they crave.

Increasing Brain Power by Tim Bryce
... Instead of meeting at the same place over and over again, try a different physical venue to perk up worker interest. * HealthRegardless of how logical we believe we are, the brain is a physical organ greatly influenced by human health. If we are sick or in distress (perhaps due to the death of a loved one, a pending divorce, financial problems, etc.), it is difficult to focus on our work. The manager should monitor worker mental/physical health and take corrective action.