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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Explode Your World With Possibilities by Saleem Rana
... However, when you study the history of known geniuses, you find for the most part that they became geniuses because of how they were raised. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, they found allies, usually intelligent parents or mentors, that sheltered them from social conditioning about what they were capable of doing. Thus, they overcame the social forces that compel most people to develop mediocre minds. In other words, the biological equipment is there for anyone to be ...

Wash A Thon, Car Wash Fundraiser Strategies by Lance Winslow
... In the case of the Boy Scouts versus dirty cars, their average was $8.48 per car. At four dollars average flat rate, they would have lost $4.48 per car washed. Over one-half. Pledges are better but do require an extra trip. Now does this mean you refuse money? No, don’t refuse money. Try for pledges first. If that doesn’t work, pull out a different sign up sheet and have them fill that out. Keep those flat rates off your pledge sign up sheets. They will cause others to break ranks and cause ...

Indian Mobile Infrastructure - To 3G or Not To 3G by Braham Singh
... The cellular operator may have to offer different fixed line/broadband type tariff structures in these locations, raising fears that they would eat into cellular revenues, But one has to wonder how much of the generated traffic would represent cannibalized revenue and how much would bring in incremental dollars from traffic presently going any way over fixed/wireless broadband and over the different flavors of Voice over Broadband (VoB) services used increasingly from precisely such locations.

Coaching Every Play! by Jeffrey Summers
... You must deal with “C” & “D” players immediately in order to raise the talent level of your bench strength as well as keep those “A” & “B” players. Rewarding everyone the same falls into this category as well. Rewards need to be tied to performance – period! Allowing players to remain in their “comfort zones” and not pushing them to be better or do more is another “good guy” trait that must be overcome. And the worst one of all, always seeking consensus on every decision for fear of someone ...