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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Reading On The Move Without A PDA-All You Need Is Your Mobile Phone by Konstantin Frid
... Just download a couple of dozen of articles on whatever the subject - from a site like this one into your PDA - and read away anyplace. Before you know, you become quite familiar with the subject you read on. Yet what can one do when there is no PDA? None at all or none available at a time. However, at a time like this, there is something you never leave behind, which is your cellular phone. Expensive modern telephones display texts, even though making reading not quite as comfortable as ...

Write Articles That Convert In 10 Minutes Flat by Michael Hole
... Itís widely known that one of the best sources of targeted traffic on the internet is from people reading articles. Pique their interest on any given subject, connect it with a well written and youíve got a well oiled traffic generating machine. While this has been a proven system for online success, I believe you can take it one step further by accelerating the process. Think of it as a form of article writing in high gear. I mean letís face it, unless you were a born copywriter, writing ...

R U Wurreed Cuz Yur Cid Kant Spel? by Jeffrey Hauser
... But, ultimately, reading helps spelling. I could refer you to an article I wrote about using text-message shortcuts like ‘LOL’ and such, which certainly doesn’t help the situation. But the problem of spelling is spreading among adults in general. My thinking is that if someone goes to the trouble of posting a business website, get a proofreader. There’s no excuse for misspellings, sometime right in the main header. I even understand there’s an entire market for ...

Making the Most of Your Hair Salon Visit by Adeea Rogers
... After spending so much reading textbooks and writing papers, I wanted a reprieve. At first, I would take my schoolwork to the salon to catch up on things, but I realized that I deserved to take a break. So I decided to only bring things that were not related to school with me to the salon. And this revolutionized my salon visits. I no longer dreaded sitting under the dryer or even having to wait (a reasonable amount of time). I just whipped out something to do from my salon tote, and I was ...

Visual C# Express - Projects and Solutions (2nd in a series) by Samuel Mela
... and C# Express will create a new solution and a new project with the same name. You can see icons for both the the solution and the project in the "Solution Explorer" on the right side of the application window. Now you need to add some features to your project, but that will be the subject of future articles. ConclusionProjects and Solutions are a modern visually oriented way to organize code applications and libraries which help you to create well organized software from reusable pieces.

Are You Thinking of Buying a LCD TV? Then You Should Read This by Dale L
... LCD can burn out but occur much less than earlier models. Many models are now High Definition (HDTV) capable as well. The life-span of the LCD is tremendous as well and outlasts your old CRT TV. This makes it a great investment and valuable in your house. Want to read more about Electronics? Visit electronicsme.net or electronicsme.com for the latest articles on televisions, digital still cameras, and notebook computers. Electronicsme:Where electronics are made easy!

Oh Boy! A New (to me) Toy! by Mike Bryant
... Now those of you who read my articles regularly or who know me personally know that I am, er, somewhat of a geek. So you may not be very surprised that I am so excited over the purchase of a new computer. But, thatís the thing: it isnít new. Itís over 20 years old and I paid only $5 for it. There was a huge 50-mile long yard sale this past weekend. Not all, but many houses, churches and businesses along the route of KY Highway 52 had decided to participate.

5 Tips To Keep Visitors Glued To Your Website by Yaro Starak
... The more interested in your articles the visitor is the more time he/she will spend reading them. I will assume you are already working towards the goal of adding quality content to your site so I'll move on to other ways to increase visit length. 2. Multiple Page ArticlesIf you have long articles break them down into multiple pages. This will increase your pageviews and also helps those with slow net access. You probably already see a lot of bloggers using this method by listing only the ...

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