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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Handspring Treo 650: Best Smartphone by Bradley Ben
... This new Smartphone model delivers improvements that will enhance the experience for most users. The Handspring Treo 650 has a changeable battery and uses flash memory. The VGA camera is far better in low light and much more crisp overall, than the Treo 600. If your business currently supports the Treo 600 or other palm One PDAs for your mobile workforce, you need a compelling upgrade to Treo 650. You would be more than satisfied with the 650 as a combination phone, PDA, and text-messaging ...

Digital Watch Vs Analog Watch - Which Should You Get? by Ian Tham
... It is simply a number and does not immediately tell the user if things are right or wrong. We humans are by nature analog creatures. Do you tell your friend to meet you at 3: 27? No, you'll tell him to meet you at half past three. A picture tells a thousand words and humans find it easier to interpret pictographic information rather than numbers. If you think carefully , a watch with a face looks more beautiful than a watch simply with numbers on it.

Returning Website Visitors – The Basics by Clifton Posey
... Online users are easily frustrated. If they are having a hard time finding something on your site, they’ll click off and visit a competitor. Do your best to organize the navigational bar on your site, making sure that headings and category names describe content properly. You can also encourage returning website visitors by providing a site map or search bar which can be used to find the contents of the site. Make Your Content Relevant:The only way to guarantee returning website visitors is ...

Five Neat, Free Software Programs by Douglas Hanna
... It's a P2P (peer to peer) program called iMesh and it includes a community of millions of registered users you can share with. It's free and available on #5: You can create personal forecasts using a free biorhythm calculator called Free & Easy Biorhythm Calculator. . It includes basic rhythms, secondary rhythms, I-Ching rhythms, celebrities database, printable reports and daily information. You'll find it on So why pay for software when you can get neat programs like this free?

Slender Design, Smart Features by Jennifer Lopaz
... Endowed with contemporary design and comprehensive features, Nokia N93 is sure to woo many mobile users across the globe. Add to it, the 3G capabilities and the mobile device breathes performance. Nokia N93 has lived up to the standards set by its predecessors in the N–series. Minimal in dimensions and easy on weight, Nokia N93 comes across as a stylish folder phone . Tastefully designed in a slim black casing, the mobile phone endorses elegance to the hilt.

History of the Computer - Computers and Technology by Michael Cooper
... Users of these types of computers ranged from banking firms, large corporations and government agencies. They usually were very expensive in cost but designed to last at least five to ten years. They also required well educated and experienced manpower to be operated and maintained. Larry Wulforst, in his book Breakthrough to the Computer Age, describes the old mainframes of the 1940's compared to those of the 1990's by speculating, contrast to the sound of the sputtering motor powering ...

Full Length Roof Framer: The Book by Mike Merisko
... You could use a laptop, but few users want to subject them to the rigors of a construction site, and as with calculators, there is the malfunction issue. My choice for roof cutting information and rafter lengths is A. F. J. Riechers "The Full Length Roof Framer". Its a hardcover book small enough to put in your hip pocket or in a pouch in your nail apron. The information you need is always at your finger tips. "The Full Length Roof Framer" has rafter tables in half inch increments, giving ...

Visual C# Express - Parsing User Input (4th In A Series) by Samuel Mela
... If an error message is displayed, the user has the option of correcting the contents of the invalid TextBox(es) and resubmitting by pushing the "Calculate Amount" button again. Other OptionsAlthough this article did not discuss them, I would like to briefly mention two other options for doing the string to numeric conversion. (1) Build the conversion into the TextBox , by inheriting the TextBox class and adding a text-to-numeric conversion property or method.

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