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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Article written by Sherrie Le Masurier

An Organized School Year In 10 Easy Steps

Organizing your kids and keeping them organized throughout the school year can be a real challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. With an effective organizational system, your family can experience a life without chaos and clutter.

It all starts with establishing a system that works. As parents we’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to teaching our children how to be responsible individuals. One of the best ways to do this is to model the behavior and habits we would like to encourage in them and make our school aged kids responsible for their own belongings.

Being organized is all about developing family routines that work. Good routines are anything you do on a regular basis that simplifies your life and makes it run smoother. It could be setting regular sleep and wake-up times for your kids (and yourself) or something as simple as setting the breakfast table, making lunches, or laying your clothes out the night before.

A positive family rhythm is an organized one. Effective organizing involves having a solid system in place with regular family discussions, limited extra curricular activities, creative scheduling and a plan for conflict resolution when it occurs.

Following are some tips to help your family get and stay organized this school year and beyond.

Color-code supplies. Keep things simple by having a different color knapsack and lunch bag for each child. You could also take the color-coding idea one step further and use it as a way of keeping your children’s class materials separate.

Create a homework schedule. Have your child do her homework when and where it makes the most sense to her. Support homework completion by encouraging a regular daily routine.

Eliminate frustrations with an organized backpack. Showing your child how to effectively use her backpack can eliminate a lot of last minute hassle. Have her use the main section for books and binders. Signed permission slips can find a home in an outer pocket. The remaining small pouches are ideal for separating pens, pencils and calculators from personal items like a tooth or hair brush.

Daily backpack habits. Make it a habit to sort thorough your child’s backpack with her the same day it comes home. Depending on your schedule allot some time after school or after dinner. Sign permission forms and record important school events at the same time.

Record everything on a family calendar. One of best ways to keep on top of everyone’s schedule is to have a central spot where things are recorded and easily referred to. A large family calendar in a high traffic area like the kitchen is a great way of keeping abreast of what’s happening and when.

Schedule in nightly preparation time. Encourage your child to spend 15 minutes each night gathering all that they need for the next day. If you have several children set up a shelf with baskets or cubby holes so each child has his or her separate space to store school related belongings. Include in this time clothes planning for the next day.

Ready, set, leave. Set up a spot near the door for things that need to go to school (backpacks, school books, sports equipment, musical instruments etc.)

For more creative tips on how to get your kids up and out in the morning visit http://familysanitysavers.com/morningmadness.html

Make lunches in advance. Plan non-perishables like drinks and snacks a week or two ahead. Make sandwiches once a week and freeze or prepare them the night before.

Plan breakfast the night before. Save time in the morning by setting the kitchen table in advance and making cereal and bread available to those who are ready first.

Set your alarm clock earlier. Trying to get yourself and everyone else ready at same time in the morning only breeds panic. Do yourself a favor by rising half an hour before everyone else. It’s amazing how smooth your morning will go if you’re showered and dressed before waking the kids.
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