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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Grocery Savings - What Worked For Grandma Probably Won't Work for You by Colleen Langenfeld
... Today's mom is fighting an uphill battle if she wants her family to eat together more often than not and if she wants that food to be healthy and fit within her food budget. (If you would like more strategies on grocery savings, see the at the end of this article.) My mom gardened, froze and canned food. Today's mom needs to be a savvy label-reader and able to discern when 'convenience' means buying pre-packaged or when it is really more convenient for her to cook her own meal.

LED Lighting - An Energy Efficient Alternative by Margarette Tustle
... Assess your budget and compare how much money you will save over time by replacing your current lighting sources and products with those powered by LED. LED powered products have developed a lot since its 1970 debut, and will certainly keep developing as technology progresses. Who knows what future generations will see in future production! No doubt this type of technology will be used at offices and businesses, in community settings, in every room in the house, and even in more diverse car ...

Planning Your DIY Project by Alan Woodbridge
... The little things, when combined, tend to add up to significant amounts that are often overlooked during the planning stage. 6. Make a schedule. Be sure to allow for unexpected delays or having to redo parts of the project. If you project is based outdoors, don't forget to take weather conditions into account. Consider how possible interruptions in the project are likely to affect your daily routines, and plan accordingly. For example, if your place has only one bathroom, you would want to ...

Creating a Realistic Wedding Budget While Still Having the Wedding of Your Dreams by Mia LeCron
... With these calculators, all that you have to do is give it the total budget amount and then it will calculate for you how much money in dollars that you will have to spend on each aspect of your wedding. Once you have figured out the dollar amount that you can spend on each aspect of the wedding, you can then begin to create a chart that will itemize the list for you. The following is a list of areas that that should be included in your your chart: Reception, Ceremony, ...

Creating A Wedding Budget You Can Afford by Alan Allport
... With these calculators, all that you have to do is input the total budget amount and then they will calculate for you how much money in dollars you will be able to spend on each component of your wedding. Once you have figured out the dollar amount that you can spend on each component of the wedding, you can then begin to create a list itemizing everything. You will need to put together a list of all the areas of your wedding that are important to you and make sure that you allocate a ...

Best Term Life Insurance How Can You Get It? by Elizabeth Newberry
... benefits (for example, you may need to use the term life insurance as income in the event of job loss), upcoming expenses such as college tuition, etc. Many term life insurance companies and their Web sites provide term life insurance calculators or similar tools to help you determine how much term life insurance coverage you need. The term life insurance calculator will factor your annual pre-tax income and your age to help suggest the best amount of term life insurance coverage for you.

The Cost of Remodeling a Bathroom by Ken Marlborough
... Showers cost between $300 and $2,000. Traditional toilets cost under $200, but smaller or fancier toilets can cost up to $1,500. Paint costs around $50, wallpaper $60, and new accessories can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a hundred dollars. The important thing is to plan properly and shop wisely to keep a bathroom remodeling cost within your budget. You can always add more later on because after one bathroom remodeling experience, you will have the skills to tackle more.

Wedding Planner Software: What Program Features Should You Be Looking For? by Rose Smith
... Guest List Planner Keeping track of who you are inviting is very important so that you can budget for food, bridal favors, the amount of space needed for the ceremony and reception, etc. Ceremony Service Planner This handy tool will allow you to work out and organize your wedding ceremony program. Things such as when songs and music will be played, who will be giving any special readings, plus the timing of who does what and when they need to do it.

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