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Monday, February 19, 2018
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How to Burn Fat by Jeff Baker
... You see, your body will continue to burn more fat even after you get off of the machine or stop walking while your metabolic cycle and heart are trying to recover from the added fatigue you have just placed on them. Also, your body will be burning more calories trying to build muscle mass and tone for hours and, in some cases, even days after your exercise ends. Calculating all of the total calories your body uses after a good walk is impossible to do but it is certainly more than the ...

Advancing Technology Through Mice by Andy Alt
... Fax machines and calculators are two examples of how technology can increase the speed at which daily tasks are performed. Benefits of the improved mouse would include being able to ride in the mouse to the store so one can view an item firsthand before purchasing it. Once the item is viewed and the consumer is satisfied it will fulfill his or her needs, that person can immediately purchase it and bring it home with him. Waiting to possess items already purchased is very old-fashioned, in ...

Fives Paths to $100,000 Per Way Part 1: Gidget's Way by Sean Farrington
... Rushing back to her trusty ten-key adding machine with adrenaline now added to the sugar coursing through her veins, Gidget begins the jittery process of counting up her profits. To figure out the yearly total of her CD sales she quickly multiplies the number of weekly sales [45 sales per week] by her per CD profit of $9.50 each, which brings her to $427.50 per week in pure profit. Now to figure out the yearly net income she squints her eyes tightly to focus through the sugar induced ...

Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy - Poker Tournament Betting Basics by Rick Braddy
... A poker odds calculator is a piece of add-on software that runs on your PC, monitoring your actual online play. A poker odds calculator computes the prospective hands you and your opponents are capable of drawing at any point in time. It then displays all possible hands you and the opponents could draw, teaching you what the odds of making that kind of hand would be. This makes it easy to see what's going on, and since a poker odds calculator displays the poker odds right there in front of ...

How To Turn A Major Blunder At Work Into A Career Advancement Opportunity by Tayo Solagbade
... As soon as I realized this, I could not help instantly thinking that if I had been looking at a computer screen with all the tank volumes and parameters typed in, and formulas returning the estimated volumes to be added, I would have had a better chance of discovering my error earlier! There and then I made up my mind to develop a spreadsheet that would enable me accurately and reliably calculate needed make-up volumes for beer, and additives blending whenever I was on duty(this was the ...

Office Organization: How to Use the Tool Professional Organizers Love by Karen Fritscher-Porter
... system, electronic labeling system, label printer, handheld labelmaker and electronic labeler. Sizes vary from small handheld devices that you can hold in one hand to large ones about the size of an adding machine. And prices vary starting from $20 to $30 and rising with added features. Look for label-making systems at your nearest office supply retailer. Many other type retailers sell them too. Or do a search with the label-making device terms noted above on the Web. Happy labeling!

The Added Effectiveness of Promotional Products in Your Marketing Plan by Ethan Woods
... Recently, I stopped by a new car wash in my town and while preparing to insert my six quarters into the machine to start the cleaning process, the owner came over to me and thanked me for stopping in. He also handed me a pen that had the name and address of the car wash imprinted on it. The fact that the owner was going around passing out free promotional pens to patrons impressed me. I stop at car washes all the time and never get free stuff.

Seven Crucial Steps for Long Term Weight Loss by John Tiniakos
... Some of them include aerobics, step or boxing aerobics, cycling, spinning, step-climbing, training on elliptical machines, cross country skiing (real or machine version), in line skating, ice skating, swimming, jogging, skate boarding, and sports like basketball, hockey, and soccer. There are many more. The important thing is to choose one that you’ll really enjoy. This way, your chances of sticking with it in the long run will be much higher. Have fun, get in shape, lose those extra pounds ...

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