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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Seven Crucial Steps for Long Term Weight Loss by John Tiniakos
... Some of them include aerobics, step or boxing aerobics, cycling, spinning, step-climbing, training on elliptical machines, cross country skiing (real or machine version), in line skating, ice skating, swimming, jogging, skate boarding, and sports like basketball, hockey, and soccer. There are many more. The important thing is to choose one that you’ll really enjoy. This way, your chances of sticking with it in the long run will be much higher. Have fun, get in shape, lose those extra pounds ...

History of the Computer - Computers and Technology by Michael Cooper
... Charles Xavier Thomas) created the first successful mechanical calculator that could add, subtract, multiply, and divide. A lot of improved desktop calculators by many inventors followed, so that by about 1890, the range of improvements included: Accumulation of partial results, storage and automatic reentry of past results (A memory function), and printing of the results. Each of these required manual installation. These improvements were mainly made for commercial users, and not for the ...

An Accountant Supply List by Rebecca Game
... A few basic items for your effectively equipping your office, which are available at most any accountant supply or office supply store, are as follows: - Client tax guide organizers - Presentation materials and client folders - Accounting forms - Filing cabinet with file folders - Accounting reference materials - Telephone with headset - Desk top calculator and adding machine Some items that will be needed in your accountant supply cabinet can be purchased at an accountant supply or ...

Log Homes - Top 10 Questions (and Answers) by Al Hearn
... Machine-milled logs can be hand-hewn to resemble handcrafted logs. Handcrafted logs can be hewn to shapes other than round. Some folks don't like round logs because of the uneven exposure to sun and weather, and dust on inside walls. Others don't think square logs look authentic enough. Half-round ("D" logs) are a good compromise for many people. To chink, or not to chink? Drip edge, or no drip edge? V joint or no joint? So, once again, there is no "best" log style.

Computers Rule Our Lives? by Jennifer Kittell
... is probably out of pure ignorance, but I am very comfortable with my ignorant life. So in the end we cannot escape computers, but we can second guess ourselves when choosing to buy one, use one, or suggest the use. When you are faced with the decision to add a new program to your home computer, resist. Let computers simply be one detail to your life that makes things just a little bit easier. Just remember: When your computer blows up, it shouldn’t mean that your life has blown up.

Increasing Brain Power by Tim Bryce
... For example, using an automated calculator allows our brain to relax while the machine performs the math. Too often I have seen people reach for a calculator to perform a simple computation as opposed to working it out with paper and pencil. They simply do not want to engage their brains. Further, I have seen whole engineering departments come to a standstill when power outages brought their computers down. Do they really lack the skills to continue their work?

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