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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Article written by Klipper Trombly

Ad Word Analyzer-An Honest Review

The title of the sales page of Ad Word Analyzer is "Discover the Quick and Easy Way to Drive Massive Amounts of Laser-Targeted Traffic to Your Site TODAY!"

Is this a magic ward that can automatically analyze the keywords for your products and generate the keywords list which you can copy and paste into your ad word campaign? I hope I can have one but the answer is no. Just like every other software, Ad Word Analyzer can save you a lot of time and money if you know how to use it. The biggest and most important weapon in keywords analysis is still your brain. However Ad Word Analyzer has some really powerful features. With proper use, you can do your home work in 5 minutes which cost you many hours even days to finish without this software. I've found in 3 things it helps me greatly.

Find the niche market. It's thousands times easier to find a product to promote with the keywords than to find the keyword with the product. Ad Word Analyzer's Google sandbox tool allows you enter one root word and get hundreds of keywords results. For example, if you type in DVD in the search box, the sandbox tool will give your a list of keywords with DVD. And with each keyword, it lists the number of Google searches, Google search results, Google ad word campaigns, and max cost per click. Probably you can find some nice keywords if not too many. Then you can use those keywords to find the right products to promote and get yourself affiliate commission. You can do it manually by using Overture keyword tool and type them into Google one by one. Of course Ad Words Analyzer will do it by just clicking the start search button.

Monitor on your competitors. There is a very useful function called show competing Ads. It can list out all ads on Google and Overture with the given keyword. You can print or save the ads and go back to it a couple of weeks later. Than you will see who is still there and who is gone. If you can find some sticky ads, that's probably because they are making money.

Analyze market in other countries. Ad Word Analyzer allows you to do the research in more than 10 countries. If the US market is too crowded, you still have chances to win in UK or France only if you are fast enough. By choosing the data center, you can search Google UK while you are physically in US.

Little but useful bonus. Ad Word Analyzer provides 2 little bonus software which can help you a lot. One is a affiliate profit calculator. If you know you average cost per click, average conversion rate, average clicks per day, and affiliate commission, you can get a roughly idea on how much money you are going to make in one month. The other is number strip. Overture tool and word tractor often generate keywords list with number of searches. It can remove the numbers automatically for you.

Overall Ad Word Analyzer is a power tool to enhance your keyword search ability. If you know how to do keyword research, you will save a lot of time to think and enjoy life.
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