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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Boyfriend Gift Ideas for this Christmas by Natalie Aranda
... Alternatively, who knows, there are young men who have well defined professional careers since their early high school days and may feel amazingly surprised with such a classy gift. On the other hand, a businessman will never be too old to receive caramels or toys decorated following the instructions of patterns with Christmas gift ideas or crafts for this very special season of the year. If this year is the right one for getting ready your Christmas gifts list, add a special section ...

Does Retirement Fit Into Your Busy Schedule? by David Richter
... Other than the income you derive from the various tasks and responsibilities you perform on the job, are there any other reasons you get up every morning before the birds do, drive your car in rush-hour traffic, get into the office and go to several meetings throughout the day that have yet to change life as we know it, and sit at your desk going through all the things you need to go through that are a part of what’s been called, work? You’ve been doing this for a long time.

Mathematics - We’re Counting on Help from Parents by Barbara Snyder
... There is an emphasis on the following: the different ways in which a problem can be solved; skills concepts, using mathematical language and knowing why; students as risk takers, participating without fear; talking and writing about mathematics, keeping math journals; working in groups or with a partner; more frequent formal assessments; mental math, reinforcing the need to be able to do math without paper and pencil; and more use of computers and calculators to support math.

Oh Boy! A New (to me) Toy! by Mike Bryant
... to get someone, anyone, to listen to his crazy business idea, my friends and I were busy typing away on some program that was the focal point of our lives at the time. Of course times have changed and so have I, for the most part. Sometimes, even today, I find the morning sun coming up to remind me that I should probably stop banging away on a keyboard and get some sleep. It is truly a joy when one realizes that he has been blessed with the gift of his greatest hobby becoming a career.

History of World / Regional Search Engines and Directories by Julie Wartes
... Other features offered on Alltheweb are the ability to filter potential offensive content, restrict the number of results per page, highlight search terms, change text size, and the ability to open search results in a new window. You can select up to 8 preferred languages from a list of 36. History of Ezilon Ezilon.com search engine was founded to allow individuals and companies around the world to access information easily, particularly by the EU community.

How To Lose £15000 (minimum) In 30 Seconds Or Less! by Stephen Thompson
... When you start ‘doing the math’, as our US Cousins would say, it is quite staggering, indeed frightening, how much money we can lose by doing half a job on our career change preparation. In particular, having a CV prepared by a ‘cut-price’ merchant, or worse doing the job yourself, can prove to be incredibly expensive and bad judgement in the end. I know you will be thinking “he’s bound to say that – he wants to sell me a CV!”, but just work the figures out for yourself.

Top Ten Tips (Part 1) by Elaine Currie
... can create hilarious results by going along with the recommendations of your word processing package. Another good thing about the rules of grammar is that they don’t keep changing so, once you learn the rules, they will stand you in good stead for the whole of your writing career. Along with punctuation, it is grammar which determines whether or not your writing makes sense. If you don’t know the rules, you will not know if your writing makes sense but other people will, believe me.

Achieve Long Term Business Success By Having The Right Reasons / Motives by Tayo Solagbade
... For instance, by working hard to help my former company manage her brewing operations better using my self-taught skills (in spreadsheet programming), I got attractive career advancement opportunities offered to me fairly early on in my career - with significant monetary and other benefits. For instance, I thoroughly disliked the idea of spending hours and hours over 3 or more days (as often happened at the time I just joined the company as a brewer) doing cumbersome calculator based ...