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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Article written by Teri Mramer

21 Simple Ways To Make More Money From Your Current Clients, Part 1

It is easier to make additional money from your current clients than it is to go out and find new ones! See 21 simple ways in this three part article series.


1. Insert a brochure for another product in the first product package your customer buys from you.

For digital products, this can be done by:

* Adding a "special Offer" to the thank you page

* Add a 2nd Offer to the download page

* Add an affiliate product to your ezine thank you page

* Add a JV partner offer to Ezine sign up thank you page

For physical products, this can be done by:

* Adding a printed "flier" with a sales letter for another product on it

* Adding a flier with several products on it - These could be a "coupon" page

for your products only or for affiliate or JV products

* A printed Newsletter with articles and review of products on it and of course

web urls or a phone order number

* Adding a "giant" sized postcard with a bonus or sale item on it

* Adding your catalog (If you have one) in the box with your physical product

2. Sell a basic product and tell people for a little more money they can receive the deluxe edition.

You can create a deluxe version by adding:

* Audio

* Transcripts

* Templates

* Interviews with experts

* A printed version of an ebook

* Complimentary products. For example a planner with a time saving system or a

calculator with a financial product

3. Give your customers a free subscription to your e-zine and include back end products in each issue.

I recommend always telling your customers they will be added to your follow up list with the new emailing laws. You don't want to assume anything with email anymore.

4. Charge people extra money to get the reproduction rights.

You can expand on this by offering a reprint rights and a master reprint rights where the buyer can also offer reprint rights to their buyers.

5. Send your customers greeting cards at holidays with your back end product offer included.

I recommend that the backend offers are sale priced and geared to the holiday such as birthday or Christmas if you can. If not, just a special offer will be better than a "regular" product.

You can also send thank you cards to clients when they purchase your product.

Ask my students how surprised they were - especially in Australia and England - to get a thank you card in the mail from me when they signed up for my web master training class!

6. Offer your customers a discount if they buy more than one of the same product.

Look for a shopping cart system that has a built in discount for second, third, etc. purchases by the same person.

7. Offer a "Reward Club" to repeat buyers.

This would give discounts, gifts and special offers to repeat buyers. You can also increase the value of the gifts as the purchase amount goes higher.

Look for Parts Two and Three for the rest of the great ways to make extra money from the clients you already have!
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